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If you have the number one pick

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Probably Jamaal Charles. Leveon Bell would be close though.


Don't like either for #1 personally. Charles get's underused by Reid (or to look at it another protected) and Bell's suspension drops his value a little bit IMO.


If we were talking taking a RB I'd go with Peterson or Lacy (yes Lacy!) possibly though I think we might be seeing a few leagues where a WR goes first this season. Brown/Megatron or Beckham Jnr. 

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id take peterson. bell if he wasnt suspended

This....and in many 12-team mocks I've been able to get WR Mike Evans and Frank Gore with my following back to back turnaround picks.

I prefer the 2nd - 4th pick overall but having the #1 certainly isn't terrible.

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