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Rams Interested In Hiring Gruden


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"Another source told CBSSports.com columnist Mike Freeman that Gruden is ''ready to leave television, but only if the right job is out there.""

One might consider the possibility that "the right job" is one with an incredibly >>>ed up team, a competent owner who is sick of winning, and Andrew Luck coming in as rookie. (And no, I'm not talking about the Colts).

If Gruden thinks Luck is the next Manning (whom he obviously admires), he may be dreaming of grooming him and riding his coat tails. If a new GM and coach came in, I wouldn't be surprised to see Bradford traded and the team starting fresh.

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there is no way the rams draft luck and trade bradford

Unlikely if they keep the same management team in place - those individuals have too much invested in Bradford. However the article was about replacing the GM and coach. Smith traded Brees so he could play Rivers. If he has the opportunity to draft Luck (and he is all that many seem to think he he is), why not? Should he put his new job on the line for a QB who has taken a step back this year and seems injury prone? That franchise has a lot of problems, and the market for Bradford should be pretty lively. He's still very young, and probably a better prospect that anyone (besides Luck) in this years draft.

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