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Creative (Colts) Fantasy Football Team Names


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My team name usually has something to do with being terrible..... Becuase my teams are pretty much always terrible.....

Even though I hate that song "Born To Be Wild" by  Steppenwolf, since most radio stations use that number as the best road trip song ever it's not.


You get 4 thumbs up for creative ingenuity bravo4460.  :thmup:  :thmup:  :thmup:  :thmup:

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I always try to stick with olineman, over the years I've head






I haven't played much in recent years but I have had not have I been a fan of many of the lineman.

CastonZoLose (supposed to sound like Can't Stand To Lose but nobody got it)

But this year, I'm trying to think of something for Mewhort.

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The Deflators.....too soon?


I posted this in another thread: 


My fantasy team names this year will all be based on the Wells report.

The Deflators

The Dorito Dinks

More Probable Than Not

It's a Rugby Sunday

Jimmy Needs Some Kicks

Tom Sucks

Wait Till Next Sunday


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