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Colts OC: Andrew Luck's perspective 'like a coach'

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Wow. Maybe he should be the defensive coordinator. Thats what we need lol.



Awesome video , We were so lucky to have Peyton Manning , now Andrew Luck watching the video was like deja vu  .


Watching 12 mentally both he & 18 are IMO equals but 12 is like the upgraded Frankenstein football version big strong & can run unlike 18 , 12 is as graceful as a deer .


I can't wait to see 12 & his new weapons take the field as always I'm fired up & can't wait for Colts football to begin this year more than any I feel very confident with my team on both sides of the ball .



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Wouldn't want any other QB. His youth, intelligence, and football ability are second to none.

I would add physical toughness as another trait that is second to none amongst QBs.  If he were to have played in an era when the best players were on offense and defense, he most likely would have been a QB and a middle linebacker.  Ferocious tackler! 

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