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The Colts better be ready week 6. (merge)

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the colts are the team to beat in the afc this coming season and they will be ready,and much better than last season.We are first in the afc power ranking as off today. 05/20/15  and I like it!!!

Power rankings mean absolutely nothing at this point. 

Also, just because we added pieces (which I think are good pieces for the record), it doesnt necessarily mean things are going to pan out. Landry had just had a pro-bowl season before we signed him, on paper it looked to be a great addition to our secondary. Then he got onto the field and we all know how that turned out.

My point is, don't start celebrating yet, be hopeful and optimistic, but don't for a second think that we have already won anything yet. We could come out the gate in week 1 and fall to the Bills for all we know. I wonder how much hype there would be around this team then....

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Coach Chuck does not have the ability to get a team prepared for a big grudge game like this.

In fact, he has no clue how to do it...he will need to call in a guest motivational speaker again..."hello, Ray?".


I think I have to agree, but not from a motivational stand point. I dont think our players need any motivation to play their hearts out against the Pats... It's the game planning and mid-game adjustments I need to be convinced about re: Pagano....


When it's clear as day that the current game plan isn't working, it takes Pags/Hamilton about 3/4 of the game to realize it and switch it up. I truly believe that if he doesnt show improvement there this year, Irsay will be done with him.

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