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"Your team cheats"


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In a week 17 game last season, the Buccaneers had a 21-7 lead on the Saints. If the Bucs win, they pass the 1st pick to Tennessee...so Lovie Smith benched his star players and allowed the Saints to come back and win. When asked about the blatant tank job, Lovie claimed that he was "evaluating the whole roster", so he needed to see the backups play in this situation.


It's funny that Colts fans catch flak for "Suck for Luck", but the Buccaneers don't even have this mentioned on that page.


The Colts whole team was built around Peyton Manning in 2011, and the years before that. Polian built a lousy offensive line, because Manning had such a quick release. Polian built a defense full of undersized players with quickness, decent when holding a lead but lousy against the run. While we had a great stable of pass catchers (Wayne, Garcon, Collie, Clark, etc) our quarterbacks couldn't get them the ball consistently. Collins was bad, Painter was worse, and Orlovsky pulled off a couple nailbiters that were the only thing keeping us from matching Detroit's 0-16 mark. 


For years people said "Without Peyton Manning, the Colts would be lucky to win one game." And without Peyton Manning...we were lucky enough to win two. Then those same people act surprised after the fact, how in the world could they only win two games that year? Look at the talent around them, look at how the team was built.

This might give AMfootball a heart attack but before the 09 superbowl Brushi said the Colts would wither to dust without Peyton, which was shown to be true as only four players are still around that played with him, as well as maybe one coach.


Meanwhile to build upon the Bucs game last season....they did not score in the second half of the game and gave up 16 points in the 4th quarter to lose by 3.


Colts won in week 16 against the Texans, and if it wasnt for MJD rushing for 170 and giving them four field goals in addition to their one TD (we even scored a TD in the 4th to get close) they would have lost in week 17 and ended up with RG3 lol they almost blew the whole thing. Dan Orlovsky looked like he was in the 3rd year of a hangover, Curtis Painter blew perfection and Collins was old and injured. Colts are not like the Patriots or Giants that tries to draft backups and instead use the picks on players that can help today.

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People think it's cheating that the Colts lost on purpose so they could draft Luck? Huh, well then wasn't it some form of cheating in 09 when we had a perfect 16-0 season staring us in the face when we were 14-0 and 2 of the weakest teams in the league left on the schedule( Jets and Bills, oh look, 2 teams from that powerful jauggernaught division afc east,ha,ha). How can you not go for 16-0, seriously, 5 and a half years later I'm still saying that was one of the biggest piles of manure ever!

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Guys, you're wasting your time.

This site has Eli Manning refusing to go to San Diego as "cheating" for the Giants. It's clearly not worth discussing.

Also, there's no point in attempting to talk sense into people who insist beyond reason that we tanked to get Luck. It's an absurd position which means they had to reject reason to take it in the first place.

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In all seriousness, the site is obviously created by a butthurt Pats fan. Pretty easy to tell by all the little notes.

Best read as a satire. And remember the three D's - Deflate, deny, and deflect!

I checked that site a few days ago. What a waste of time! I looked at it for just a few minutes. The way that I noticed that it was bogus was that it seems that all the teams with the most infractions are those with which the Pats have some form of rivalry or that have won SBs recently (Ravens, Colts, Broncos, Dolphins, Jets). On the other hand, the Jags had a relatively low number of incidents of so-called cheating. I did not check the number besides the Giants but I would not be surprised if it was a huge number, as the Pats fans would want to invalidate the Giants wins over the Pats in the SB. In addition, I noticed that they rated the Pats' cheating as somewhat insignificant (2 out of 5 on level of severity) while the Broncos supposed "Spygate" was rated 2.5 or so (more egregious than the Pats Spygate). That confirmed in my mind that this was created by Pats fans.

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lol. Cheating is not cheating otherwise the punishments the NFL hands out would all be the same for every offense and they clearly are not.



That was exactly the point but your analogy is even better. I don't think it is human to treat every offense the same. I really should not treat my child who cheated on their history quiz the same as a cheating spouse. That would be totally unfair and unjustified. As I said, there are degrees to everything otherwise the world would exist in complete chaos.



Well the Pats were just given the largest fine in the history of the NFL.   By your logic, that means the Patriots have committed the worst cheating offense in the history of the NFL but yet you also say "it was just ball pressure and camera placement" and try to down play it.  


Contradict yourself much?

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