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Next year I'm going to pressure the staff to do something about this. I meant to this season but never did. There should be a rule that if you participate in the draft thread and you spoil a pick, you get temp suspended for 24 hours.

The best thing to ever happen to draft coverage is when ESPN decided not to tip off the picks. It made the draft enormously more enjoyable.

I was absolutely furious Thursday night when several members here spoiled our 1st round pick before it was announced. I mean I was freakin' irate, I damn near crashed this server with a curse laden tirade that even the devil himself would've been embarrassed to hear.

Next year, I think several of us need to lobby for some control of this. I didn't even participate in the official draft thread last night because of this.

That's just dumb, sorry but it's not the life altering catastrophe you are making it out to be. Also I was the one spoiling things so call me out by name. It's not against the rules and I did it all of 5 times, one of which was for the Colts pick. Start a spoiler free thread of it's such a big deal. You can't limit free speech and access to non-controversial public information.

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Are you a Vikings fan yet? Lol.

lol you got my guy in Waynes love all my Spartans then in the 2nd you go and take the player I wanted in the 1st in Kendricks just got a steal in TJ if healthy don't forget the best QB from last years class Teddy!!!
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