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Would The Vikings Or Rams Even Take Andrew Luck With The 1St Overall Pick?

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Let's say the Vikings or Rams do end up with the 1st overall pick. What would they do with it? I'm not so sure they'd use it on Luck. Both Christian Ponder (Vikings) and Sam Bradford (Rams) were taken in the 1st round. Sam Bradford was even taken 1st overall! Both are young QB's, so it's difficult to judge their development, especially Christian Ponder, who was drafted just last year off a tumultuous lock-out period where QB's weren't even able to contact their coaches for an extended period of time.

Personally, I say they either trade the pick or just go with an entirely different player altogether. Granted, the Colts are also set at QB with Peyton Manning, but at least Manning is close to retirement consideration and coming off a lingering neck injury, so we have a stronger excuse to take Luck than the Vikings or Rams do.

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If they were smart, they would hold the pick/player hostage until the Colts, Dolphins, or Redskins gave up a lot to get it/him.

Yeah the Rams would do this.. Although we both want the Colts to do this.. To the OP I think Vikings would trade Ponder and take Luck in all seriousness.... Marcelis Willey said on NFL Live today he would trade the pick if he were the Colts! Finally someone see's it our way!

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Vikings and rams will trade the pick for sure. personally i think that would be the smart decision because of the ransom. the 2nd pick might also get traded because it looks like only rg3 will be left. barkley is staying and rumor is so will jones. the 2nd pick ransom wont be as big but it will still look enticing to the rams/vikings.

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The value for Luck is so high! I just cannot fathom why the Colts would not consider this! Especially if Danny-O can continue to develop in the Colts offense, maybe he could be the back-up until the Colts have the right place right time to draft Manning's replacement! Danny-O looked decent so far, especially in his limited time in the Colts offense and starting in the NFL for that matter! That means a project/ development could be delayed, and the Colts could trade the pick... I don't understand why Polian would already rule that out!

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    • As long as Taylor keeps testing positive, he should be able to return.   Buckner seems to be asymptomatic and eligible to come back in Saturday along with Autry.   Colts optimistic that Kelly will be able to play.     Sorry if already posted, if not Id be surprised    Most likely, but haven't delved through all threads.   Things are looking up for Texans game, even more so with Fuller out.
    • LOL, not even close. Willis is playing the least demanding DB position on the team, while rock is playing the one of the toughest. Skill sets and measurements aren't even close either.  I'd add that are D looks to have gotten even more complex this year. I'd love to see the scheme breakdown (I don't think it's tracked anywhere), but it appears we're doing more rip/liz too. But yes, I think our complexity this year has led to struggles from a few, including RYS and Oke. The LBs in general look to be out of position a lot when responsible for handoffs of WRs coming in. I think Oke's and RYS's PFF is like 40... Oke's was 70s last year, and RYS's was top 10 the second half of 2019.   As above, I'd like to see them simplify a bit, or get back to whatever they were doing the 2nd half of last season when Rock was top 10 in the league in PFF, and Oke was in the 70s.   I do agree though, that Rock would make a great SS. He'd likely make a good FS too.
    • Since when did Polian give a rat's behind what people thought?  If you are going to stick up for Polian you have to accept the negative without making excuses for it. 
    • They are a talented team who we need to game plan for .We must get pressure this week on the QB we must stop the Run better.The colts need to start stretching the field TY looks open a lot in the seam and Pitt is legit Redzone and possession receiver .Phil needs to trust these guys and so doesn’t Frank ....Folks something special may happen this week if Phil can get more time or frank plays two TE sets with a FB back as extra blockers .This is on Frank is he an elite Coach ? Is he capable of scheming around losing our best LT ? This is time to shine here. 
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