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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Florio is the biggest * out there, he said Manning wasn't a top 10 QB of all-time. Manning is top 3 and it even isn't a debate.
    • Simple reason. KC was missing the things that gave them their strength and identity. We were/are missing things that we didn't use well or often when healthy, and continue not to utilize them even when they are open.    If a baseball team is known for having bad pitching, but great bats, does it matter if their pitcher is out? Or is it worse if their #1 hitter is out?   And LOL at the other stuff. I'm sure I can guess who the pearl clutcher (s) is (are). One in particular is stalkerish via unsolicited PMs. I could care less what they or others think, especially if it's the one or ones I suspect. Questioning my fandom is pretty darn funny though. I'm not a fan because I disagree with certain narratives... sure... 
    • Florio is a *. He has no inside info. What he said was stupid.  If   their guy is there they will take him. They will not reach for a QB though. I do not see them taking a QB that late. What would be the purpose. They still have Kelly if they want a young backup. I doubt they take that big of a risk hoping a 3rd or 4thtd QB becomes the franchise.   The biggest thing with JB is he is not playing well in the 4th quarter. His passer rating is really good the first half of games. In the fourth quarter in falls off the cliff. Some of that is lack of playmakers but if your doing it in the first 2 quarters with the same guys you should be able to i the fourth. When coaches figure him out he isn’t good when he has to make his own plays.
    • I don't know if this has been discussed anywhere else on this forum but regarding Kelly and others, Reich and Ballard are always harping on competition and position battles to build a stronger team. It seems to me the 2 weakest areas on this team are the 2 they haven't allowed any competition, qb and kicker. Just an observation. I can't complain about being 6-6, I thought we'd go 11-5 or 10-6, just couldn't get it done in key moments of some games(the qb and kicker really let us down at times). It's not over yet though, if we can win out we still have a chance at the post season.
    • It was definitely not a good story ending for the underdogs, or a triumphant tale like Rudy, that's for darn sure..... All kids should have a similar experience though lol... It's a welcome to reality moment.    Finding tape on guys is much much easier that it used to be. I'm definitely no expert though. I'm just someone that prefers stats and film to watching a bunch of brainless TV shows lol.  It's more of something to do around the draft/FA period when there's not football to watch. To me, the more you know, the more interesting the season is. Also the more realistic you are about some guys.
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