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Breakdown of MSU RB Jeremy Langford

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Size: 6'0" 208 lbs. Good build. Prefer him to be a little shorter and a little heavier. Nothing to be concerned with regarding his size He does have very small hands, which could lead to a fumbling problem. (3/5)


Athleticism: Langford was the fastest runningback at the combine, clocking in at 4.42 (1.56 10-yard split). His straight-line speed is evident on tape; capable of breaking off long runs in open space. He has the acceleration as well, as evident by his 1.56 10-yard split. Can burst around the edge when he sees an opening. Explosion drills were about average, doesn't exhort much power from his legs. Mediocre change of direction and lateral agility. (6/10)


Vision: Langford is patient waiting for his blocks. He has better vision outside the tackles and in the openfield than he does as an inside runner. Much more effective as an outside the tackles runner. Shows the ability to get skinny in the hole. Does a good job following his lead blocker. Can be prone to hop stepping when the hole is closed. All in all, I'd quantity Langford's vision as above average.  You'd like to see him make quicker decisions when the play breaks down. Runs better in zone-blocking than in gap-blocking. Looms to bounce outside too much. (6/10)


3rd Down Ability: Langford is a former WR and it shows. He does a good job corralling the ball using his hands and turning up-field quickly. He's a good pass blocker all things considered, but he needs to learn to use his hands more instead of lunging at incoming blitzers or edge rushers. I could see him struggling with pass blocking his first season in the pros, but I think he'll be fine in the longterm. (7/10 [4/5 for receiving and 3/5 for pass blocking])


Balance: Langford plays with exceptional balance as a runner. He regains form quickly and isn't knocked down by arm tackles. (7/10)


Physicality: Langford isn't a power-runner. He doesn't dish out hits. He gains mediocre yards after contact and doesn't break many tackler. Doesn't have the power in his legs to effectively churn for extra yards. Does have a forward lean that lends itself to him falling forward for extra yardage though. Also has a good stiff-arm. (4/10)


Improvisation: Langford doesn't have a lot of shake to his game. Where he beats defenders in the open-field is his understanding  of running at angles that put him in position to maximize yardage and beating them with his speed. Langford is very much like Buck Allen in the respect that he'll beat you even before you get close to him. Though he does posses a decent spin move. When he gets away from tackles, it's usually him "sliding" out of them. He's a slippery runner. (6/10)


Ball Control: Fumbles once every 123.2 touches. He has small hands, so it's a valid concern whether that will effect his ball control in the pros, but with what we know now, he has great ball security. (8/10)




Catches a pass on a flat route: http://zippy.gfycat.com/HarmlessBriefAmethystinepython.webm


Long run w/ subtle fake to avoid lunge: http://fat.gfycat.com/CommonFloweryAstarte.webm


Balance and speed: http://fat.gfycat.com/RedSmoggyBanteng.webm


Vison + stiff arm: http://fat.gfycat.com/ForkedIdealisticBudgie.webm


Vision + balance: http://fat.gfycat.com/ImprobableUnconsciousAmericanredsquirrel.webm


Catches slightly off-target ball on back shoulder: http://fat.gfycat.com/ColorfulImmaterialFruitbat.webm


Balance: http://zippy.gfycat.com/FemaleScratchyEstuarinecrocodile.webm




Grade: 47/75. Which grades him as a mid-3rd round pick. 


I think my grade is on par with Big Draft is predicting. Langford is a very solid all-around block with breakaway speed, great hands, and good pass blocking. Langford is exactly the type of back the Colts should be looking for to spell Frank Gore. He could possibly be available at the end of the 3rd round, and I think he;ll be a good value there. 


NFL Comp: Lamar Miller, MIA

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