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Breakdown of FSU DL Mario Edwards Jr.

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Size: 6'3" 280 lbs. If Edwards gained 10 lbs he'd still be undersized for a DT. As of now he's about 10 lbs too heavy for DE. Edwards is similar to Preston Smith in that he's really in no man's land in terms of size. You'd like to see a an edge rusher with more length (around 6'5"), but he's about average in length for a DT. Short arms. (2.5/5 [3/5 as a DE and 2/5 for a DT])


Athleticism: Average long speed for the position he plays (mostly as a stand up 5-tech rusher) Not very explosive. Fast and strong. Can drive back blockers when he gets his hands into their chests. Average athlete all things considered. Never really physically dominates. Measurables don't match up. Can anchor and hold his ground at the point of attack. (6/10)


Hand Usage: Not very good. Doesn't chop or swat. He can disengage when he needs to in the run game, but lack of active hand usage will limit him as a pass rusher. Hands aren't powerful and wastes times getting in hand fights. (3/10)


Pass Rush Moves: Doesn't beat blockers 1-on-1 in the pass game. Moves are basically non-existent. All he has in his repertoire is an inconsistent bull-rush. He was getting ran out of plays by tight-ends. Completely stonewalled every play by D.J. Humphries in the 2014 game against Florida. Really just not a pass rushing threat at all. Looks better as a pass rusher from the 3-tech spot, but it's still nothing to write home about. Not going to be a player who can shoot gaps with a high success rate. (2/10)


Run Game Ability: Strong at the point of attack and shows the ability to shed blocks when he needs too. Can rag-doll blockers every once and a while. Very disciplined in holding his edge. Not going to be a guy who sheds and makes a ton of run-stops, but he can move his blocker and re-direct runners. Below average play-vision. Can often time get so caught up in trying to get past his blocker than he let's the back get by him. What some call "playing through a straw". (6/10)


Misc. Technical: Not a fantastic finisher of the play. Play-recognition (or at least reaction) is mediocre. He does well in the run game when he can recognize it, but can let the back run right by him with no reaction. Sets the edge well. Good decision-making on read-option plays. (2/5)


​Tackling: Not a guy to make a bunch of plays on the ball-carrier. A lot better at re-directing than finishing. Let a few sacks out of his grasp as well. Not really anything wrong with the technique, it's just below average body-control can make him overrun plays. (2/5)


Versatility: Edwards can line-up as a 5-tech, or 3-tech DT. Can also lineup as an edge rusher on certain packages. Has a spot in any type of defense. (4/5)




Decent pressure here: http://zippy.gfycat.com/SelfishSoupyDuiker.webm


Crushes #2 overall pick Greg Robinson: http://zippy.gfycat.com/HauntingDistinctFishingcat.webm




Grade: 27.5 out of 60. Which values him as a 6th-round pick. 


Mario Edwards Jr. is not a very good player. He's a tweener who's not overly athletic and doesn't really do anything good. He's a solid backup option for a team looking for a rotational 5-tech, but he's a guy who's playing a large role on your team on the NFL, there's a very high percentage chance your defense is going to be bad. 


NFL Comparisons: 


Bennie Logan, PHI

Brodrick Bunkley, NO

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Saw Daniel Jeremiah on the NFLN a week or so ago....   he called Edwards one of the hardest players to judge because Edwards has spent roughly the last four months losing weight.   A lot of weight.


He was nearly 300 around the playoffs at the start of the year.    Then every time he showed up to an all-star game or the combine or his pro day,  he was lighter.


His pro day weight was 272.   

So,  Jeremish doesn't know what this guy is?     A 4-3 DE?     A 4-3 DT (at a higher weight)    A 3-4 DE (at a higher weight)....  Edwards might fall for that reason....     I don't think he falls to the 6th round....    My guess is he falls to the 4th....   gut that's just a guess....

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I'm an FSU fan and I never understood this guys hype. He was seemingly always easily stonewalled 1v1 in pass rush and just never stood out. Bjoern Werner was 500x the player at FSU.

Also, Dustin, I don't think I'd rate him a 4/5 for versatility if he generally stinks everywhere he plays.

I think his best shot at the next level is bulking up to play inside in a 4-3 or 3-4 due to his lack of athleticism.

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Also, Dustin, I don't think I'd rate him a 4/5 for versatility if he generally stinks everywhere he plays.



Yeah, I cpould see that. I actually think he's a decent 5-tech when he keeps his hand in the dirt. It's not so much as he's good anywhere, but you could basically play him at a bunch of spots and he wouldn't look out of place.


You're right though, I'll start factoring in his ability to play at those positions into my versatility grade. Honestly, if it wasn't for versatility, he'd probably be graded as undraftable.  

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