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Breakdown of Northwestern S Ibraheim Campbell

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Size: 5'11" 210 lbs. Prototypical size. Would prefer him to be just a liiiitle bit bigger (6'0" 215 lbs) as his skill set lends him more to an ITB role. Solid build. Ridiculous hand size (10 1/4"). (4/5)


Athleticism: No combine or pro-day numbers to look at here. Closes on the ball-carrier quickly. Sideline to sideline speed is a big question mark. Change of direction and lateral agility are ok. Good burst. (6/10)


Coverage and Fluidity: Not a natural mover in coverage. Stiff dropping back and has questionable at best range. Not a great option as a single-high or deep zone player. He actually does well in short-zone coverage. Good awareness and play recognition combined with burst make him a solid option covering TEs in man and zone coverage. I'm not going to go so far as to say that he's bad in coverage, but it's definitely a weakness and something that may take a few years to round out in the pros. He's no Earl Thomas in coverage, but he's no Dwight Lowery either. (5/10)


Physicality and ITB ability: Campbell possesses typical ITB skill-set. He's a powerful hitter who reads run plays well. He's a sure tackler. When you're in his grasp, a lot more often than not you're going to the ground. Show an ability to close in on and explode through the ball-carrier. Strong player. Would be a pretty good option as a nickel-lb as well (assuming he puts on a little more weight). Strong enough to take on and shed blocks. Good feel for angles. Doesn't throw himself off balance. Makes a ton of plays in the run game. (8/10)


Technical Ability: I'd say that Campbell is just as good a tackler as Landon Collins. He wraps-up and keep his balance. Good angles as well. Coverage is another thing. Stiff. Doesn't do a good job mirroring or playing the WRS hands. Can get beat with double-moves and head-fakes and is prone to biting on play fakes. (5/10)


Ball Skills: 2 INTs in the game I watched. Shows decent hands, and does a good job tracking the ball with his eyes. Both were the result of obvious terrible throws, but it's nice to see he has some ability to haul inerrant throws. Not going to rack up INTs or PDs. (3/5)


Consistency: Consistent tackler. Constantly around the ball making tackles in the box. Needs work on his reaction ability (if that's even possible) in pass coverage, but you couldn't ask for a more consistent player in the box. (3/5)




Stops a runner in his tracks/FF: http://zippy.gfycat.com/PeskyBitesizedChital.webm


Sliding INT: http://zippy.gfycat.com/FixedKindlyArmyant.webm


Keeps balance and makes tackle: http://zippy.gfycat.com/ImpossibleFlamboyantIndianrhinoceros.webm


Powerful tackles+good angle: http://zippy.gfycat.com/ElatedPowerlessAlaskanmalamute.webm


Breaks on the ball: http://zippy.gfycat.com/GoodFewHarrierhawk.webm




Grade: 34 out of 55.  A low 2nd-round grade


Campbell is very much "Landon Collins-lite". Any team that misses out of Collins in the first could grab a very similar player in Campbell in the 2nd or 3rd round. 


Campbell has the ability to be a great ITB safety with ability to cover and potentially take away TEs. He's not going to flourish in a scheme that asks him to take on a lot of cover responsibilities, but as an 8th defender/nickel-LB? He'll be very good.


NFL Comparison: Deone Bucannon, ARZ 

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Wow.  His stock has really shot up.  I remember doing a mock draft and reading scouting reports about a month ago and he wasn't even drafted/projected to be drafted.  Now, he's being talked about going in the first three rounds....which is a huge bummer because I was hoping the Colts would sign him.

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