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Breakdown of USC RB Javorius "Buck" Allen

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Size: Allen comes in at 6'0" and 221 lbs (I'm willing to bet he played closer to 215 during the season). My personal preference for a back is 5'10" 227 lbs. He's an easy target for defenders to bring down with his long frame. Runs with a high pad level. (3/5)


Athleticism: Good, not great speed. Not a threat to be a breakaway runner every play. He only posses average acceleration and lateral agility. He often has to come to a complete stop to evade a defender, so change of direction ability ins't there. Explosion is meh. (6/10)


Vision: A very patient runner who allows his blocks to develop. Keeps his shoulders square to the LOS until the last second. Reads the leverage of the blockers well. Is very hesitant if his initial hole isn't there. (6/10)


3rd down ability (Pass-blocking and receiving): Statistically, Allen was the most productive receiving back in the nation last year on a per-snap basis. On par with Duke Johnson. Not always a natural hands catcher (corralled a few in with his chest and even dropped a couple), but you can't argue with the production. Watch the last 2 minutes of his game against BC on DB to get a feel for him as a pass catcher (he caught like 4 passes in that span). As for pass blocking, like Cobb, Allen is one of the worst pass blockers in the nation. (6/10 [2/5 for PB and 4/5 for PC])


Balance: Very bad balance. Often gets tripped up and falls over. Can't recover when he gets knocked around. Doesn't recover and leaves yards on the field because of it. (4/10)


Physicality: Allen isn't what you would consider a "physical" runner. He often gets knocked over on first contact and doesn't break many tackles. Not for a lack of trying, as he doesn't shy away from contact, but power just isn't his game. (4/10)


Improvisation: This is a hard one to quantify for Allen . He does most of his improving before he gets to the LOS, with subtle moves and vision. He, like Cobb, isn't a finesse runner that's going to juke you out of your shoes. He is a similar player to Donald Brown and Arian Foster with his gashing running style. (4/10)


Ball Control: Fumbled once every 80 touches in college. Better than Cobb, but not by a lot. (4/10)




Beaten for a sack: http://zippy.gfycat.com/DapperPowerlessIncatern.webm


Hauls in a screen pass: http://zippy.gfycat.com/ImperturbablePositiveCaudata.webm


Drops a pass: http://zippy.gfycat.com/BlondShockingLamb.webm


Hauls in a wing pass: http://zippy.gfycat.com/UnpleasantAgileAsiandamselfly.webm


When you have bad balance: http://zippy.gfycat.com/ConcernedSereneBantamrooster.webm




Grade: 36 out of 75. 5th round pick. I think he'll go higher than that, because the things he does well are hard to quantify. 


Allen is more of a complimentary back than as a potential workhorse. He excels as a pass c atcher and with his size, when he eventually develops his pass blocking, he'll be a good 3rd down back for an offense that throws a lot of passes to their RBs (Saints).


NFL Comparison: Ryan Helu, OAK 

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No has responded to this yet, so I might as well be the first....


I think the RB that the Colts will draft will come from a group of five....


The five, in no specific order are Davis (S. Carolina), Allen (Southern Cal), Cobb (Minn), Lanford (MSU),  and Jones (Florida)


Could we get one of the top 8?    Sure.


Gurley, Gordon, Ajayi, Abdullah, Coleman, Duke Johnson,  Yeldon and David Johnson I think all go in the first 3 rounds.   But, it's possible one or two could slide....    Running Back is such a unique choice...   teams will be all over the map on who they like...

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