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Breakdown of Minnesota RB David Cobb

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Size: Cobb is a compact runner standing at 5'10" and weighing in at 230 lbs. He's basically my perfect prototype of what I like as a runner. (5/5)


Athleticism: Cobb possess average athletic-ability for the position. His long speed and acceleration are about what you would expect from an average starter. He'll be able to break off big runs every now and again, but he's not going to be a guy who breaks off 20 yard run after 20 yard run. He also fails to accelerate through a hole if it isn't completely wide-open. He needs a lot of yards to build up to top speed. He does posses very good stop/start ability and fantastic change of direction ability. (6/10)


Vision: Average vision between the tackles. You can tell he looks a lot more comfortable running to the outside. Gets lost in piles. Marginal improvisation shown when the hole closes up quickly. (6/10)  


3rd down ability (Pass Blocking and Receiving): He's statistically one of the worst pass blocking RBs in the nation. His 11 pressured allowed were more than any other RB. Not a big worry, as most RBs in college suck in pass protection. I'd only worry if he didn't have the size for it, but he obviously does. As far as his receiving ability goes, he seems to posses average hands and rarely ran anything more than a swing route or a screen. Only 16 catches his final season. 34 in his career. (4/10)


Balance: His balance is very good. He can shake off arm tackles and continue trucking forward for extra yardage. Balance is one of the more underrated aspects of a runner's game. Not as good as Jay Ajayi's, but great nonetheless. (7/10)


Physicality: Cobb is his name, power is his game. Cobb uses that height and weight to his advantage to power through arm tackles and take on defenders 1-in-1 in the hole. He doesn't shy away from contact, sometimes even looks for it. Has a low center of gravity. (7/10)


Improvisation: Cobb runs exactly like you think a big, powerback would: forward. He doesn't really show a knack for flashy open-field moves. He has a decent jump-cut and does well using a DBs momentum against them, but he's not a shake and bake back that can make nothing out of something. Shiftiness isn't there. (4/10)


Ball Control: 10 fumbles in 3 years. 8 in his two years as a starter. He had a fumble once every 74.5 touches. That's near the highest in the draft class. (3/10)




Breaks an arm-tackle and gallops to the endzone:  http://fat.gfycat.com/GranularAmpleHuemul.webm


Uses his balance to pick up additional yardage. http://zippy.gfycat.com/BothUnfinishedImpala.webm


Gets beat for a pressure on a pass block: http://fat.gfycat.com/NarrowAngryAmericancicada.webm


Change of direction: http://fat.gfycat.com/TartComplexDuckling.webm


Change of direction part 2: http://zippy.gfycat.com/PlayfulNiftyCougar.webm




Cobb grades out at 42/75 on my scale. Which values him as a mid-4th round pick. Cobb is a prototypical power-back, who loves to get physical and has fantastic balance.


Average athleticism, vision, and 3rd down ability will probably limit him to a solid-starter/good-backup role in the pros.


NFL Comp: Toby Gerhart, JAX

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I would have no problem with the Colts taking Cobb in the 4th. He is one of my favorite backs in the draft this year. He was asked to do a lot on a team that didn't have very good quarterback play and a below average offensive line.

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