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What were the most painful colts losses in your lifetime?

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The game is on youtube, Go to 2:16:13.....shows the replay......Unfortunately it was a drop

I know, I watched the game.  I wasn't referencing the final play.  As I recall, and I'm not going to re-watch the game, Kordell Stewart stepped out of bounds during a touchdown reception.  If I'm wrong I'm sure someone will tell me.  If it wasn't a TD is was a meaningful reception.

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playoff losses to Pittsburgh in 1995 (Harbough) and 2005 (when we missed FG). I also think the loss to Oakland when we were in Baltimore during Bert Jones era. All 3 were gut wrenching losses. Of course the most famous loss was Superbowl III when we were expected to crush the Jets. 

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1995 AFC Championship @ Steelers.


Breaking the 40 year loosing streak @ Steelers in 2008 was glorious but not yet enough for me to offset that terrible loss. In my heart, I still want us to have an AFC Win @ pitt and then I can maybe lay my Steeler fixation to rest.

Simply put, since the Colts arrived in Indy, that was the best team ever fielded by us. 


I'll never forget that feeling I had when Betis fumbled into Harper's arms and he went streaking down the field. My skin was humming with adrenaline. I have never experienced sports related heartbreak like what occurred when Vandy shanked the FG.


By far the lowest moment in my Colts fandom. Nothing even comes close. 

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I honestly think about that 95 game a lot ...     


Only reason it was the first time the Colts went into the playoffs with a really good team...    (short Marshall F, and Rosie Potts)  and they did not miss a beat.        I think that was Faulks death nail with this team.       And Indy got nothing more than Peterson for him...  not enough.       Marshall was a stud...


Marshall and Manning would have been nice to see unfold ....   but alas.....        it still worked out

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