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My Equally Foolish Draft Day Dream!

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This is ENTIRELY hypothetical, and highly unlikely (on the point of impossibility).

What about a three-way trade between the colts, rams, and browns.

Colts get:

Rams first round draft pick

Browns second round draft pick

Rams get:

Browns two first round draft picks

Browns 2013 first round draft pick

Browns get:

Peyton Manning

Rams second round draft pick

Colts use the picks to get Andrew Luck and Ryan Kalil.

Use our second rounders on best remaining Poe or Thompson for DT and Hosley for CB...

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Can you explain how the trades happen?

One ridiculously impossible three-way trade.

Who is Ryan Kalil? And why would we trade the greatest QB in the history of football for him?

Ryan Kalil is a LT prospect, and we trade Manning in order to get maximum value out of him. He is a cap nightmare, and trading him gets more value than releasing him.

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My bad!

Ryan is his brother in Carolina...

I know...i was just bustin' your balls over it lol no biggie....

all jokes aside, though, if Peyton is healthy and ready to go next season...and after reading what Addai and Saturday had to say etc, i think Peyton will definitely be ready next season...but if healthy, i DO NOT want Peyton on any team but the Colts. A healthy and extra motivated Peyton, with a year's worth of rest from actually games, is going to be a scary thing for opposing teams to have to deal with. I would honestly rather we trade the #1 pick if we get it...but if we DO draft Luck, i want him to be the back up until Peyton is ready to retire.

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Cleveland is the most snake bitten franchise in the league. They haven't been good for over a decade. I wouldn't want to send Peyton there. Heck, I wouldn't even want to send Tom Brady to Cleveland, that would be cruel and unusual punishment

Peyton would spend one year there, miss us Indy fans, and retire to become our offensive coordinator/QB coach...

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