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A- Malcom Brown DT

B- Landon Collins SS

C- Marcus Peters CB


A- Denzel Perryman ILB

B- Bernardrick McKinney ILB


A- Tre Jackson OG

B- Henry Anderson DE


A- Ibraheim Campbell SS

B- David Cobb RB


A- Marcus Golden OLB

B- Josh Robinson RB


A- Gerod Holliman FS

B- Letarius Walton DT


A- Taiwan Jones ILB

B- Bobby Richardson DT


A- Damien Wilson ILB

B- Corey Crawford DE


A- Kyle Emanuel OLB

B- Kyshoen Jarrett SS

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Posted 01 April 2015 - 11:55 AM

Round 1 - #29

A - Malcolm Brown, DL, Texas

B - Shane Ray, DE/OLB, Missouri

C - Landon Collins, S, Alabama


Round 2 - #61

A - T.J. Clemmings, OL, Pittsburgh

B - Ameer Abdullah, RB, Nebraska


Round 3 - #93

A - Doran Grant, CB, Ohio State

B - Henry Anderson, DE, Stanford


Round 4 - #128

A - Jeremiah Poutasi, OL, Utah

B - Cody Prewitt, S, Ole Miss


Round 5 - #165

A - Clayton Geathers, S, UCF

B - Taiwan Jones, ILB, Michigan State


Round 6a - #204

A - Darren Waller, WR/TE, Georgia Tech

B - Gerod Holliman, S, Louisville


Round 6b - #206

A - Kyshoen Jarrett, S, Virginia Tech

B - Jarvis Harrison, OL, Texas A&M


Round 7a - #244

A - Louis Trinca-Pasat, DT, Iowa

B - Anthony Harris, S, Virginia


Round 7b - #255

A Xavier Williams, DT, Northern Iowa

B - Shane Carden, QB, East Carolina


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Round 1 - #29 A, B, C

Round 2 - #61 A, B

Round 3 - #93 A, B

Round 4 - #128 A, B

Round 5 - #165 A, B

Round 6a - #204 A, B

Round 6b - #206 A, B

Round 7a - #244 A, B

Round 7b - #255 A, B


1A- Cameron Erving

1B- Landon Collins

1C- Erick Kendricks


2A- Ameer Abdullah

2B- Tevin Coleman


3A- Marcus Golden OLB

3B- Michael Bennett DT


4A- James Sample S

4B- Justin Coleman CB


5A- Jameel Douglas G

5B- Taiwan Jones OLB


6A- David Cobb RB

6B- Tyeler Davison NT


6A- Ray Drew DE

6B- Nick Marshall CB


7A- Cody Riggs CB/S

7B- Pig Howard WR

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Round 1 - #29 A: Eric Rowe, B: Damarious Randall, C: Ronald Darby

Round 2 - #61 A: Donovan Smith B: Henry Anderson

Round 3 - #93 A: Adrian Amos B: Marcus Hardison

Round 4 - #128 A: Tyeler Davison B: Kenny Bell

Round 5 - #165 A: Bryce Callahan B: Jake Ryan

Round 6a - #204 A: John Crockett B: Jordan Richards

Round 6b - #206 A: Junior Sylvestre B: Justin Coleman

Round 7a - #244 A: Darius Allen B: Derron Smith

Round 7b - #255 A: DeAndre Smelter  B: Buck Allen

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Round 1 - #29 A Eric Kendricks, ILB UCLA

Round 1 - #29 B Stephone Anthony ILB Clemson

Round 1 - #29 C Shaq Thompson, SS/FS/OLB Washington


Round 2 - #61 A Ronald Darby, CB, Florida State

Round 2 - #61 B Damarious Randall FS/SS Arizona St


Round 3 - #93 A Mike Davis, RB, South Carolina

Round 3 - #93 B Preston Smith, SLB/DE 3-4 Miss St


Round 4 - #128 A Jeremiah Poutasi, OT/G, Utah

Round 4 - #128 B Darren Waller, WR GA Tech


Round 5 - #165 A Derrick Lott, DT/3-4DE, Chattanooga

Round 5 - #165 B Quinten Rollins, CB, Miami (Ohio)


Round 6a - #204 A Detrick Bonner, FS/CB, Virginia Tech

Round 6a - #204 B Justin Coleman, CB, Tennessee


Round 6b - #206 A Bobby McCain, CB, Memphis

Round 6b - #206 B Tyler Varga RB/FB/KR Yale


Round 7a - #244 A Blake Bell, TE, Oklahoma

Round 7a - #244 B Jeff Luc, ILB Cincy


Round 7b - #255 A Chris Hackett, SS/FS, TCU

Round 7b - #255 B Shaq Mason G/C Ga Tech

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A - Jordan Phillips DT

B - Eddie Goldman DT

C - Carl Davis DT


A - Demzel Perryman ILB

B - Stepone Anthony ILB


A -- Anthony Harris FS

B - Ibrahem Campbell SS


A - Josh Shaw CB

B - Senquez Golson CB


A - Karlos Williams RB

B - Josh Robinson RB

C - Dominique Brown RB

D - Matt Jones RB


A - Tyrus Thompson OT

B - Jamon Brown T/G


A - Terry Williams NT

B - Marcus Hardison DE/DT


A - Darren Waller WR

B - Anthony Chickillo Edge


A - Connor Halliday QB

B - Wes Saxton TE

UDFA - Leon Orr DL, De'Ante Saunders CB

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Round 1 - #29 A Landon Collins, B Eddie Goldman, C Jordan Phillips


Round 2 - #61 A, Jay Ajayi B Denzel Perryman


Round 3 - #93 A Stephone Anthony , B Donovan Smith


Round 4 - #128 A Jeremiah Poutasi, B Buck Allen


Round 5 - #165 A, Ladarius Gunter B Senquez Golson


Round 6a - #204 A Gerod Holliman, B James Sample


Round 6b - #206 A Derrick Lott, B Jarvis Harrison


Round 7a - #244 A Justin Coleman, B Kenny Bell


Round 7b - #255 A Bobby McCain, B Donald Celiscar

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1: Cedric Ogbuehi; Erik Kendricks; Landon Collins

2:  Tevin Coleman; Carl Davis

3:  Mike Davis; David Cobb

4:  Cedric Poutasi; Louis Trinca-Pasat

5:  Buck Allen; Mike Hull

6:  Stefon Diggs; Clayton Geathers

6b: Justin Coleman; Bryce Hager

7: Nick Marshall; Randall Telfer

7b: Tyler Varga; Derek Lott

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1 A Landon Collins

B. Jordan Phillips

C. Eddie Goldman

2. A. Damarius Randall

B. Shane Ray

3. A. Ibrahim Campbell

B. Ty Montgomery

4. A Ramik Wilson

B. Jeremy Langford

5. A. Cody Prewitt

B. Cody Riggs

6a A. Lorenzo Doss

B. Jordan Richards

6b A. Xavier Williams

B. Gabe Wright

7a A. Derron Smith

B. Daryl Baldwin

7B A. Tyrus Thompson

B. Bryce Hager

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Round 1 - #29

A- Landon Collins SS

B- Eddie Goldman NT

C- Damarius Randall FS

Round 2 - #61

A- TJ Clemmings OT

B- Jordan Phillips NT

Round 3 - #93

A- Henry Anderson DE

B- David Johnson RB

Round 4 - #128

A- David Cobb RB

B- Kurtis Drummond FS

Round 5 - #165

A- Cam Thomas

B- Terry Williams

Round 6a - #204

A- Andrew Donnal OT/OG

B- Shane Carden QB

Round 6b - #206

A- Justin Cox CB

B-  Chris Harper WR

Round 7a - #244

A- Brandon Bridge QB

B- Bernard Blake CB

Round 7b - #255 A, B

Edit- Sorry.. didn't see the last post.. pay no mind to mine if necessary.

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1.  A Landon Collins S B Eddie Goldman DT C Shaq Thompson LB/S


2   A Carl Davis DT B Tevin Coleman RB


3  A Stephone Anthony LB  B Donovan Smith T


4  A Henry Anderson DE  B Kurtus Drummond S


5  A Tyeler Davidson DT  B Mike Davis RB


6  A Taiwan Jones LB  B Cam Thomas


6  A Arie Kouandjio G  B Tevin McDonald S


7  A Jordan Richards S B Kyle Emanuel LB/DE


7  A Andy Galik C B Brock Hekking

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RD. 1a. Eddie Goldman DT Fla. St.

RD  1b. Jordan Phillips DT Oklahoma

RD  1c. Eric Kendricks LB UCLA


RD  2a.Damarious Randall S Ariz St.

RD  2b.Tevin Coleman RB Indiana


RD  3a.Donovan Smith OL Penn St.

RD  3b Preston Smith DL


RD  4a.Jaquiski Tartt S Samford

RD  4b. Daryl Williams OL Oklahoma


RD  5a Jeremiah Poutasi OL Utah

RD  5b.Lynden Trail DE/LB Norfolk St


RD  6a. Anthony Harris S UVA

RD  6b Deontay Greenberry  WR Houston

RD  6c CJ Roberts CB Colorado

RD  6d Zack Hodges DE Harvard


RD 7a Kyle Brindzq  K Notre Dame

RD 7b Jeff Luc ILB Cyncinatti

RD 7c  Brandon Vitabile C Northwestern

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If it's OK with everyone, I will allow the last three entries (BlueFire4, SackDaddy and Horseshoe Heaven) since they got their picks in before the draft started.

Also after day one, only one contestant SDakColts picked Phillip Dorsett and is in the lead with one point!! Congrats!

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At the end of Day #2, a number of contestants picked Henry Anderson, and one person even picked Smith (good one Defjamz!).

But our leaders at this point with four points each are: Andretoindy, Coltscrazy, ScissorMeTimbers and Bluefire.

Good luck today! It should be interesting!!

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And the winner is:

ScissorMeTimbers with 6 points who picked Anderson, Geathers and Robinson!!


:thmup:  :td:  :6:  :rock:  :number1: 

And to everyone else ... good luck next year!  :violin:

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And the amazing thing is that Scissor won without making any seventh round picks. Four spots just left blank and still won. :mindblow:

Impressive for sure....especially the Geathers and Robinson picks with about 9-10 other RB/S options throughout the draft.

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