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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Calm down.   JB does not throw the ball down field.  He hasn't done it all season.   We were 6 and 2 when he wasn't throwing the ball down field.   We are now 6-6 when he still isn't throwing the ball down field.   I never said it wasn't important.   What I say is that it is not the singular basis for determining that he is not "the answer"   About his short game accuracy?  Does tht matter. What was it the first half of the season, and what has it been the last three games?   Does anybody know by watching the games?  Or do they have to go mine some data before they know?  
    • Being honest I was in favour of a trade down at the time. Nelson has proven then idea wrong so far and I couldn’t be happier. 
    • Chubb went 5th so we couldn't draft him, I get your sarcasm though. In that draft I wanted Barkley (he went 2nd) but Nelson was my 2nd choice, Chubb was my 3rd choice. All 3 players are legit IMO.    Then again we could've took Sam 'the seeing ghosts' Darnold at #3 had we not traded down , overall I am happy with Nelson. Our O.Line is the best part of our team.
    • https://www.colts.com/news/marlon-mack-parris-campbell-adam-vinatieri-in-out-buccaneers-2019-week-14   Hooker and Ya-Sin are questionable.   Campbell and Hooker are expected to play.
    • Oh man, this is hilarious.  Whining because one post gets a lot of likes and your post didn't.  I especially like how you try to completely dismiss the likes as people having a "blind following" of Superman.  In your narrow sighted opinion it could not possibly be because his post was, you know, better more thought out than your post.  Do you need a therapy dog? Some people do that is true.  Just like some people go around to all the different posts that shows multiple ways that JB is not the one and points to one specific item and say that is not relevant because that is only one item. Like many times, you condense and paraphrase what other people have said and then draw and outrageous conclusion from your own wording of what other people said. What makes you think we don't?  I don't think JB is the answer for the Colts at QB.  I've said that and stated reasons for that long before people started posting stats showing JB's lack of ability to throw deep. I know you like to think you are the only one that looks below the surface but that is just not true.  Many members on this forum base their opinions on a multitude of items not just a single item.  @Superman is one of the best, if not the best on this forum at looking at all sides of an issue and drawing well reason conclusions.  Some just like to be contrary to stir the pot.
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