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"Trent Richardson will look to resurrect his careeer in Oakland" - Best joke contest!

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This Twitter headline (Tom James @ TribStarTJames - RT @NFLonCBS) provides fans from Cleveland to Indy the opportunity to vent our collective frustrations in a creatively satirical manner. 
The headline is an oxymoron in and of itself.   Use this thread to get... and give... a good laugh.  While no joke here will ever be worth a first round draft pick, it may give us temporary relief. 


Here are a few Twitter responses, along with a couple of my own to get us started:


"Resurrection and Oakland don't belong in the same sentence" -Micah Davis @MicahDavis36


"I'm moving to Vancouver to resurrect my career with the Canucks.  Somehow I like my odds better"


"Oakland is where careers go to die.  It's the halfway house of the NFL" -Chad Wilson @GridironStuds


"Trent Richardson will look to resurrect his career in Oakland, said no one ever" -Multiple sources


"It has been said that Barry Sanders could make you miss in a phone booth.  Not to be outdone, Trent Richardson could get tackled for a 2-yard loss in the same booth."  - Yours Truly


"The signing of Trent Richardson in Oakland is proof that Al Davis is alive and still calling the shots"

- Yours Truly


Fire away!  :scoregood:



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