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Vikings Peterson Accuses Saints Of Targeting His Injured Ankle


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I think when a player is injured, all teams zero in on the injured players weak spot. OTOH, Williams seems to ante up his players to target players who aren't injured as well.

I remember his stupid "we're going to give Peyton forget-me-shots" comment. He annoys me. He seems to be having his players play dirty

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Weren't they the team that just about shattered Favre before the SB?

I used to really like Greg WiIliams, esp when he was in DC. But no more, nor do I like the Saints anymore. They are certainly not living up to the 'name'. :(

i agree. They used to be the team that everyone in the league felt sorry for especially when katrina hit. Then their fan base and their team turned into a bunch of bullies. Especially after we lost the Super Bowl. I mean, we never made excuses and congratulated them for their win but the fans were rubbing it in the face making fun of us. Karma will come back to them. They WILL lose in the playoffs. If not, then in the Super Bowl.

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