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Scouting Profile: Jordan Phillips, DT, Oklahoma

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Gonna be a lot of gifs. 


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Games watched: vs Clemson (quality tape), vs TCU, vs Tennesse


Mock Draftable chart: http://mockdraftable.com/player/4886/


The Good: 


Quick-twitch athlete. Doesn't measure well, but plays faster because of explosion and reaction time. 


Very nice swim move here:

  ex. [Destroys the center with this swim move] http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=257249&gif=BouncySereneAdouri


Uses explosion and leverage to penetrate gaps. 

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=257249&gif=SolidBriefKangaroo

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=257249&gif=GloomySizzlingIndianabat


Absolutely fantastic at shedding blocks in this game.

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=257249&gif=PotableAcademicHammerheadshark


Does a great job at stacking the offensive lineman and creating an impenetrable wall. Doesn't get moved off of his spot. 


Very rare that you see this good a pass rusher from the NT spot. 


Doesn't get the pressure here, but does a nice job of using his hands and splitting a double-team to get into the backfield:

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=257249&gif=InsistentRectangularCrocodileskink


Absolutely no regard for human life on this bullrush:

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=257249&gif=AngelicRecklessCurlew

This play is more about leverage than it is about power (i have no idea what the RB was thinking not picking up the LB). Still a very good play though.

  ex. [another angle] http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=257249&gif=BewitchedPlainAnnelid


Doesn't effect the play here, but again showing off that strength and athleticism:

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=257249&gif=EvergreenIlliterateAnemoneshrimp


If you want to see Phillips' ceiling, watch the Clemson game. I can really convey how dominant he was. It was almost JJ Watt-esque. 


Very good spin move.

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=257249&gif=ContentFlimsyBedlingtonterrier


In other games I question his motor, but he must have had something to prove against Clemson. Look at him run down the field chasing a WR about 30 yards (and keeping pace):

 ex.  http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=257249&gif=CandidSevereBobcat




The Bad:


Gets turned around a few times (mostly attempting spin moves) and loses his leverage leading to him getting taken out of plays. 


Often times plays too tall and loses leverage. 


Questions about his motor and conditioning. A player who should probably play about 25-20 snaps a game or else he loses his effectiveness. Seems content with being blocked at points. 


Clemson games was his only real "dominant" game available. Makes me question if he was just capitalizing off of a horrible center. 


Absolutely dominated by the TCU center. Apparently that kid is going to be a high round pick in his draft. Keep an eye out for him. He walked Phillips up the field all game. 




Phillips is a very interesting player. At times he completely dominates and at others he just look happy to be there. His game vs Clemson shows what he can bring to the table as a pass rusher and when he gives 100% effort. He played NT in college and I wouldn't have a problem with him being a 0-tech in the pros, but if I was the team who picked him, I'd give him ample opportunities to rush from the 3-tech spot. 


Projected Round: 1st

NFL Comparison: More athletic Terrance Knighton, Washington

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now that melvin gordon is no longer in option with us getting frank gore, ive shifted my attention to arik armstead


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First lesson of Scouting: Don't watch tape off highlights.. It shows what they can do not what they usually do.


already know that

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