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Colts current salary cap table without adams and kendall


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Well, you have me by a few years.  I was a kid for SB3 and the GGEP was before my time.  I did watch the color version they put together on ESPN a few years ago.   And, of course, I knew the key answer from the movie Diner!  (The millennials have no idea what we're talking about)
    • Give them a franchise QB like they had in Luck they are right there.   Also I would say TY and Doyle are not four of their top six players on the team.  I think Houston, Buckner, Leonard, Smith, Nelson, Rhodes, and Blackman are all better.  You could make a case for Mack, Bobby O and Walker too.  
    • I wasn't "comparing things under him".  I was showing you an inconsistent application of your standard.  You just got excited because it involved Grigson's name.   BTW, considering that AC, TY, Kelly, and Doyle may be 4 of our top 6 players (close for sure), how close are we to being a SB team from the AFC?  Keeping in mind that 3 of them may have to be replaced soon just to keep level set.
    • Then why even bring Grigson up if you didn’t want to compare things under him?  Oh that’s right you were spinning to get away from your bad take that Ballard wasn’t getting much Mileage out of his draft picks and you can’t just say okay maybe I was wrong and they are getting better mileage than I first thought.  Instead you tried to twist it into something about Grigson which I didn’t even bring up.     Grigson had nothing to do with my first replay to you,  My point which you clearly missed is that this team has a lot of talent because of Ballard’s drafting over the past four years.  So much so that if they had the QB they spent three of the past four off-seasons drafting for I think they would be one of the top two or three teams in the NFL if not the best.     you then tried to make it into something about well then I have to say to the Colts were good under Grigson because they made the playoffs under him which is not at all the point I was making.  My point has been and remains is that the Colts are getting great mileage out of their draft picks under Ballard.  You are just ignoring that point because you can’t dispute it.  Is it perfect?  No, no GM is. Is it better than most teams in the NFL?  Yes.     so if you want live in reality let’s live in reality and admit Ballard has done a good job drafting.  
    • Back to the intent of the thread...........no one answered this question....so I'll answer myself to the most honest of my abilities.   Of this list, the only QB's that I would consider franchise possibles, were.....   Bledsoe - 48 starts Fitzpatrick - 53 starts   So, that means 101 starts by a franchise caliber QB in 20 years out of a total 304 starts. that is just shy of 33% of the time.   
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