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The New Era of the NFL: Systematic Football

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I'm going to try and explain what I've been plastering all over the Colts Forums and Sites the last several days as the Colts entered Free-Agency. The new era of NFL football is called "systematic". Meaning, that certain teams up to this point and date have been using for a while. i.e. ... New England, Seattle, Denver, Dallas ... and now ... Indianapolis. The way this thing works is completely opposite of old. Teams fill holes and gaps by acquiring players that best fit certain situations and plays. Not necessarily best talent and beast modes. By doing this the teams can figure out what kind of versatility is at stake with each player and incorporate that ideology into a bigger picture of yards per play. Evaluating the talent to do this is the hard part. Once derived ... it's really easy and simplistic to figure out. Look at those four teams over the past 5 years and you'll see what others see. Belichik's figured this out a long while ago. Others are taking note and implementing. The Indianapolis a Colts have finally learned this lesson. Kudos to my team!;)

GO COLTS !!! ;)

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The key is figuring out match ups fast enough to make use of alternate personnel.


Colts in regular season game vs Patriots - they run jumbo OL sets to ram it down our throats. Then they play the Detroit Lions that is hard to run against, so throw quick to negate pass rush and throw 50+ times. Then they play the Ravens in the playoffs divisional round, do not run the ball whatsoever in the second half and throw 50+ times. Then they play the Colts again, change personnel and formations and ram it down our throat again.


Having the personnel to play different styles and being willing to place the faith in that personnel and execution for different game plans is the level we need to get to, whether it is on O or D. When we can do that, that is when we win a SB. It cannot be simplistic anymore like the Peyton era offense where we do what we do and just try to out execute. We have to be able to adapt very fast.

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