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CB depth chart?


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1. Jerraud Powers

2. Kevin Thomas

3. Justin Tryon

4. Chris Rucker

5. Jacob Lacey

6. Jordan Hemby

Is this the way our depth chart for CB looks now?

I'd say it's Powers, Tryon, Lacey, and the other three battling to beat out Lacey. We haven't seen Thomas or Rucker, they can't be rated higher than a guy who actually played in the NFL.

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I'd say it's Powers, Tryon, Lacey, and the other three battling to beat out Lacey. We haven't seen Thomas or Rucker, they can't be rated higher than a guy who actually played in the NFL.

Agree 100% The other guys you haven't seen play. I do like the film I have seen of both though. Thomas coming off a knee, I will watch him close in pre season

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exactly... :applause: i have high hopes for thomas though

Living out on the left coast I got a good dose of USC football (all the stations I get are LA stations) and I have high hopes for Thomas as well. He's a lot like knee injury Jackson except for a bit quicker in the zone and longer arms.

The down for Thomas is it took him a while to catch on at USC. Unless there is an injury to Powers or Tryon I think Thomas will be the primary nickel back and I expect this year to be kind of like Thomas' junior year at USC. The first couple of games you will watch him and ask, "what did anyone see in this kid to put him over another player?" Then he'll go 4 or 5 games and you won't hear his name or think about his play much and then he'll start making some plays and INT here and crucial pass defensed there and by the end of the year people will be talking about a Polian steal in the 3rd.

That is all assuming Thomas stays injury free as well which, going by his history, is NOT guaranteed.

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I know this may be far fetched but I can dream a little would we be a player for asante? I mean the eagles are stacked at CB and would probably shop him for a decent draft pick but he would have to restructure so we could afford him.

It's possible. The Eagles are looking to shop him for two reasons:

1. Draft picks. They already have 11 for next season, which would put them in prime trading position for other Free Agents and future picks.

2. Cap space. They made a lot of big signings this off-season, while the guys they lost may not have saved them much. Dumping Samuel would seem to help them here.

The problem is, Samuel has spent most of his career as a man-corner in 3-4 schemes. How well does he play when he's standing 7 yards off of the line?

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    • I think the confusing part for me is the utilization. This is it for Campbell. This is his final season to prove he belongs in the NFL and right now the colts are not doing him any favors if their not even attempting to get him into space and let him work. 
    • I’m not sure you and I are watching the same defense.   Through 3 games the Colts have played 12 quarters and one full 10 minutes overtime.     IMO, the Colts defense has looked good for 5 quarters and the OT.    I’d say the 4th Q of the Houston game plus the KC game. But the defense was unimpressive for 3 quarters of the Houston game and all 4 quarters of the JVille game.   So that’s 7 bad quarters versus 5 plus good quarters.   That’s hardly coming attractions for a #1 defense.    Compounding your argument our pass rush is a long way from being a top 10 rush to be feared or respected.   They will likely get better this year but enough to help make this the number one overall defense?   Right now this feels like you’re watching our games through Blue tinted glasses.     Hey, I’d be thrilled if you’re right, but for right now,  sorry, I just don’t see what you see. 
    • There were a bottom 2ish to start the season...  They lost to Wentz... and a bad WA team. They beat a bad team, Indy, who let their QB set a new career high again (now twice). Totally out coached.  They beat a highly ranked team, with a QB broken ribs lol... who only goes as a far as QB takes them.
    • I know it gets very old with a few around here. I have never said Matt Ryan is the GOAT. Some people in here are getting ridiculous and can't even be happy with a win.
    • Not really, you said that the Jaguars were a bottom 5 team, that is way wrong. They are 13th in the ESPN power rankings. You said we lost to the Texans, we tied which isn't a loss. How am I spinning things?
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