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    • Yes, new to the Colts the day Philip signed. And enjoying every minute of it. Not only watching him with a vastly better team around him, but my time on this board, as well. It's been a lot of fun.   I actually am not a lifelong Chargers fan - only since Philip was drafted there. As I've said here before, we lived in Athens, AL during the time Philip played his high school ball there, so I've watched him play since then (well, every N.C. State game that was shown in Athens during his college years, that is, which was usually only 3 or 4 each season). We've since moved from there (been several places, and have been in the Memphis area for 9 years now). But I've seen every single snap of his NFL career. I was actually a lifelong Steelers fan prior to 2004 (and have still followed them since, as well), but with all due respect to my fellow Steeler Nation, Philip comes first. All I can say is - he's special.   I'll always cherish the friends I made over the years in SoCal, as I'm sure I will for however long I'm here, as well. But yes, I go where Philip goes, as far as my football allegiance is concerned. He's earned that many ways over.
    • Yeah those Chargers teams in 1980 and 1981 should've won a SB. They had an offense like we had when we had Peyton.
    • I don't know... I've noticed some aliasing and screen tearing effects that indicate that he is, in fact, just CGI. 
    • Dan Fouts was no exception. 
    • Broncos 99 Jets 0  Saints 43 Lions 17 Chargers 23 Buccaneers 21 Jaguars 27 Bengals 10 Vikings 3 Texans 28 Seahawks 42 Dolphins 30 Steelers 0 Titans 0 *Covid wins this one by a field goal Browns 10 Cowboys 31 Cardinals 17 Panthers 10 Ravens 41 Football Team 3 Giants 17 Rams 34 Colts 46 Bears 9 Patriots 24 Chiefs 38 Bills 27 Raiders 30 Eagles 6 49ers 21 Falcons 34 Packers 42 
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