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Scouting Profile: Eli Harold, EDGE, Virginia

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Games watched: vs UCLA, vs Miami, Louisville 


The Good: 


Elite athleticism. Ran a 4.6 at 250 lbs. 


Impressive build. Looks the part of an NFL EDGE rusher. 


Played multiple techniques a lot at Virginia. Wasn't limited to just a pure 9-tech like a lot of pass rushing EDGE players. Played some 5-tech. Played 3-tech in some obvious pass rush situations. Shoots the gaps well in that position:

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=253529&gif=AggravatingLawfulGhostshrimp


Played in both 2 and 3-point stances. 


Excellent burst. Hits top speed quickly. 


Does a good job here using his hands in conjunction with his speed to beat the corner for a nice (would be) pressure (also does a nice little hop-step without losing speed):

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=253529&gif=ShortScaryCero


Does a variation of the same thing again here:

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=253529&gif=MelodicAgileDotterel


Very good dip move. Can get low and blow past the tackle with ease. Here's a good example of him using an outside dip-move in combination with his speed to stop the OT from getting a hand on him and using his athleticism to turn the corner and get a QB hit:

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=255636&gif=ShamelessOccasionalJunco


Effective when he gets underneath leverage.



Fluid turning the corner. Once he's outside the shoulder of the tackle, he bends and the tackle just watches in horror. 


Does a ton of stunting and understands what's asked of him when doing it. 


The Bad: 


Frame looks maxed out. If you draft him, expect him to play at his current weight for the rest of his career. No more "good weight" he can add. 


Below average play strength. Struggles to disengage from blockers. 


Takes VERY long angles to get to the QB. Look at this gif again: 

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=253529&gif=MelodicAgileDotterel

Look how wide of a lane he left for Brett Hundley (an athletic running QB) to potentially take advantage of. Does this a few times. Sometimes allowing RBs to get decent gains. Here is another:

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=253529&gif=SpicyMistyCaribou


I question his instincts. Sometimes he gets turned around on play-action and has trouble diagnosing plays. 


Doesn't convert speed-to-power. A lot of that has to do with low functional strength, but he doesn't do a good job of setting them up for a speed move and then using a bull-rush when they go to counter. 


Terrible finisher. Misses tackles and loses his footing. He had at least 3 sacks in the UCLA game he let just slip out of his hands because of bad tackling and loss of balance. Reminds me of Werner and Newsome. The way he just lets QBs escape his grasp. 


Not going to be a coverage guy. 


Pass rush repertoire consists of speed rush and dip move. Often, if cant beat you around the edge, he's just going to dance with you tunil the play is over. 


Disappears for long stretches of time. 


Possesses average lateral agility at best.  




People are projecting Harold as a top-20 pick, and I think it's a case of guys "counting the numbers twice". What that means was that he was only being projected as high as he was before the combine because of his athleticism, but now people are moving him up the board again because of his athleticism. Harold is a 2nd round talent in my estimation. He does have high-upside as a speed rusher for a coach who can develop him the right way (Mike Zimmer). I honestly don't even know who to compare him too. He reminds me a lot of Newsome though. 


Projected Round: 1st

NFL Comparison: Jonathon Newsome, IND

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I'm fine with everything you wrote but would simply like to point something out to you....


Your NFL comparison is the Colts Jonathon Newsome.


And yet about a month or to back in one of your anti-Grigson rants,  you gave Grigson no real points for finding Newsome in the 5th round.      Now, you're comparing a possible 1st round draft pick to Newsome.


So,  have you come around on him?    And will you give Grigson some props for finding him in the 5th?

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I'm fine with everything you wrote but would simply like to point something out to you....


Your NFL comparison is the Colts Jonathon Newsome.


I'm comparing playing styles not talent. 

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Solid profile. I will say as someone who has seen him play in person a dozen or more times that he has the potential to be really good with proper coaching. The strength of UVa this past year was their defense. If the horrific Offense could've scored 20 points they would've been a lot more competitive. That defense was on the field a lot pretty much every game. They made Brett Hundley look average to below average in Charlottesville. I wouldn't be upset if he was taken in the first if he was the BPA. I would be ecstatic with him in the second round. I think combined with Newsome we could have Freeney/Mathis 2.0.


I will admit I'm a homer so my view is very biased. I love the kid though.

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I was watching Cameron Irving last night, and came across his tape vs Eli Harold. Then I started watching Harold. And I came away with the same comparison as you -- Jonathan Newsome. No real moves, can easily be locked out of a play, no power moves, but he's quick and explosive, he can bend the corner, maybe better than Newsome, has closing speed but misses out on plays, etc. I don't know what makes him a better prospect than Newsome, maybe he has more motor... but Harold is going to be a top 60 pick, and Newsome went in the 5th round.

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