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    • Yes I did and I stand by that.  I did not, however, say he was a bad coach because 'he couldn't make Curtis Painter a winner'.
    • Waited a whole day to have to watch the colts get knocked around.   Honestly though it’s only 1 loss, we have room for improvement as always but the score got away from us against a team who’s RB is on fire!    Every year, every team loses key pieces, although it dose feel us more than others.  Ughhhh the frustration ha!   let’s see how we rebound, it ain’t January yet! Let’s go colts!   More than anything football gives me a few hours to focus on a sport and team I love to watch won or lose!   Big love to you all!     
    • We didn’t pass on Sweat.   We did what almost every NFL team did....  we took him off our board because of his heart condition.   Those calls are typically made by the owner and team doctor,  much less by the general manager. 
    • Seriously doubt we will slide back.    And I remain hopeful we will get better.  As a fan, I sleep well knowing my favorite team has one of the best front offices.  That while they won’t be perfect, they will make mostly very good decisions.   I don’t fear more Grigson-like personnel decisions.   I don’t share your views on our draft picks.    As a fan, I like the journey.  I look forward to the process being played out.  When we have success, I enjoy it.   When we don’t, I mostly chalk it up to the fact that the NFL is perhaps the most highly competitive sports league going.   I try to enjoy the ride.   That’s my view. 
    • You said he was a bad coach when he was here.  But he wasn't. Not much more to say. 
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