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    • He loves this game every bit as much as Peyton did. 
    • Honestly I don't understand the love affair with Myles Turner. He averages just 2 more points per game, 1 more rebound and 1 more block shot than he did as a rookie.  For a 6'11" guy, he has never dominated the paint 
    • Yeah we would have to have a major outbreak in next couple days for it to be even considered.     The NFL doesn't want to add a week at end of the year.     They have already played games that probably shouldn't of been  played. Definitely not going to do us any favors.
    • The good news is we will have Braeden Smith and we are unlikely to commit that many holding calls again.  Turay should also get more like 20-25 snaps this game.  If Blackmon, Autry, Ya-Sin, and Buckner are all out, we are in some serious trouble. 
    • I think the rule might read like this... you take the day the player was exposed to the person that has or had Covid. He can return to the team if he has all negative test 5 days from the "contact day." So basically it means the earliest a player can return is the 6th day from when he was exposed. Now if the rule means you must have 5 negative tests , then Buckner is out for Sunday.  The memo states that a club must place any player designated as a "high risk" close contact on the reserve/COVID-19 list upon such designation. Such player will remain on that list until at least five days have passed since the date on which the player was last in contact with the infected individual. The player will be permitted to resume club activities on the sixth day after such last exposure if all his PCR tests, including the fifth testing day, are negative.  
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