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Hi, and welcome to another Sunday Indianapolis Colts fans! :) Our Indianapolis Colts are back at Indianapolis after two road games at New England and Baltimore, as they host the rematch with their AFC South rival and 7-6 Tennessee Titans. :titans: Dan Orlovsky is also seeking his first win as a starting QB in the NFL with the Colts today.

Colts are also trying to both avenge their earlier loss to the Titans in Week 8 this season, and thrwart Tennessee into position into qualifying for a wild card in the NFL Playoffs. Titans defeated the Colts 27-10 at LP Field in Nashville back on October 30, ending Indianapolis's five-game regular season winning streak over Tennessee. Curtis Painter also threw for 250 passing yards in that game.

Colts have won the last seven of eight games when they hosted the Titans in Indianapolis, the lone blemish a 16-10 loss to Tennessee at LOS in the season finale on Sunday Night, December 30, 2007. Colts also defeated the Titans in the last meeting at Indianapolis, also the season finale on Week 17, 23-20 on January 2, 2011. Colts clinched a wild card playoff spot when Adam Viniteiri kicked a 43-yard field goal to seal the win for Indianapolis as time expired, finishing their 2010 NFL season at 10-6. Colts Jim Caldwell is also 4-1 against Tennessee since replacing Tony Dungy as the Colts Head Coach in 2009.

Ian Eagle and Dan Fouts will announce the live TV game telecast for the NFL On CBS, seen regionally in the USA, and locally in Indianapolis on WISH CBS 8 on HD.

Bob Lamey, our 'Voice Of The Colts,' and Wil Wolford will also announce the live radio game play-by-play and analysis, along with sideline reporter Kevin Lee, simulcast on Colts flagship stations WFNI ESPN SportsRadio 1070AM, andf WHNK Country 97.1FM, and the Indianapolis Colts Radio Network.

LOS's roof may still be closed to keep the cold elements outside during Sunday Afternoon's 1:05PM Eastern Standard Time kickoff, because the local weather forecast is Sunny and Clear Skies at 40 degrees, feels liker 34 degrees, 0% precipitation, 67% humidity, and southwest winds at 9 miles per hour.

Colts will dress in their blue jerseys and white pants, while the visiting Titans will dress in their white jerseys with sky blue trim, and sky blue pants.

NO injuries on the field, and continue your persistence and relent to win your first game in front of your fans at LOS today! GO COLTS!!!!! :cheer::1colts::colts::coltslogo::coltshorse::coltsfb::coltshelmet:

Colts Vs. Titans Week 15 Game Previews And Injury Reports:





Colts Vs. Titans Week 15 NFL Gamecenter:


NFL On CBS Week 15 Early Doubleheader Games - Colts Vs. Titans In Blue:


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    • Erm. maybe in so much that they are both immobile QB's who spread the ball around, but that Rivers throwing motion is reminiscent of no one but Rivers. He could be playing in a plain jersey among 31 other QBs on a field and i could tell you who Rivers was just by looking at his arm.
    • I wouldn't put Campbell anywhere near Hooker at this time.  He was drafted later.   He's been injured with legitimate injuries.  It's hard to blame the GM for that when he didn't have a history of injuries in his past.  Now if Ballard would have taken Metcalf (I wish he would have), who had a neck fracture that ended his college career, and Metcalf would have missed much of 2 seasons with neck issues, it could be placed on the GM for that choice. 
    • OK but there are quite a few convolutions there to get to what seems to be a pretty clear point.  And I guess yeah if this were a debate club, we would need to take each indidual possibility but that is a little tedious to do all at once.   Dan as do I think that we will be better off with Rivers next year than not having Rivers.  One of the pieces I would cite would be the fact that we are 7-3, have navigated the last 3 weeks well, and Rivers seems to be playing at a high level.   So for instance I will argue specifically against Prescott.  He is a guy that IMO would put us squarely on the road to medicrity similar to what has happened in Dallas.  I think it would be worse here because he would command more of the team's resources as far as salary goes compared to what he now does in Dallas, which would mean less money for talent elsewhere.  He has done nothing speical in Dallas and seems to pad a lot of the gaudy numbers in bad losses.   I would say about the same for Deshauwn Watson.  He is younger, but the eye test tells me that his teams have been pretty mediocre with quite a bit of talent.     I don't think either one of these guys would be an upgrade next year, necessarily over Rivers, and I think it would be a huge gamble with the the committment you would have to make with these guys.  You would hamstring your org for years with their salaries if they didn't work out.   What other possibilities do you see out there JP for us to compete NEXT YEAR?
    • People said the same thing when we drafted Leonard. You won't hear them bragging to their buddies about how right they got that evaluation any time soon! Echoing what a few above have already said... Malik who?
    • All but done for the division on.. and a loss to KC will have them fighting hard for that 5th spot (playing the NFC winner) which is what everyone wants outside of the 1 seed I'm guessing. 
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