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Your favorite player in the draft

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Hard for me to say in General as I've just been looking for players in our general area, but... I love me some Denzel Perryman.  Also (I know this guy is very unpopular around here) BUT I would love for us to take a chance on Gerod Holliman.  I don't see a lack of physicality when I watch him.  I just see a horribly un-coached player who has no clue how to tackle yet. You can't teach how he is always around the ball.  The rest you can.  Jmo of course :-)


Abdullah is intriguing to me as well with Armstead a guy I'm on the fence with.  Mckinney is going to be there in the 2nd and Wouldn't mind taking a chance if we invested in the first on the Line.  All in all though I'm extremely intrigued at the versatility of Thompson.  Belichek usually utilizes players like this and I just hope he goes to a creative coach who can fully utilize him.


Quandre Diggs is my type of guy also fundamentally sound but lack of natural gifts.  I'd love to have him sit with Butler and maybe one day take that 2 spot from Toler.  

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1st to 2nd Round: Alvin Dupree, Kevin White, Shaq Thompson, Jordan Phillips, Duke Johnson, Laken Tomlinson

Eric Kendricks and Kevin Johnson


Mid to Late Rounders: Derrick Lott, Trenton Brown, Lorenzo Doss, Anthony Harris, Marcus Hardison,


Antwan Goodley, Gus Johnson, Donovan Smith, Neiron Ball, and Andre Davis

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Been following Dorial Green-Beckham since high school. Jahwan Edwards because he has a great story and is a local small school guy. I think Danny Shelton will probably be the best player from this class. Tyler Lockett, Jaelen Strong, Andrus Peat, Jaiston Fowler and Tyler Varga are all up there as well. Gonna have to go with Dante Fowler though.

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I disagree.  Mariota is going to get a GM fired.  He is not worth a first round pick, to me; much less a top ten pick (which he will likely be).


Based on the talking heads saying he doesn't go through progressions, I'm sure.

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Among the guys who are slated to go in the third round or later, Marcus Hardison is going to be an explosive interior Dlineman. He is the Geno Atkins/Jurrell Casey of this draft, and I think he'll be even better than those guys. I hope we draft him.

I am all over him man I hope we find a way to get him. I have been on this kid since the Notre Dame game. I love him.

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Lockett no doubt. Especially if Reggie retires and Nicks doesn't come back

I like Lockett as well if we are going to go WR not only does he give us another dangerous WR he would immediately upgrade special teams as a KR and PR while he learns

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    • Yeah I am ok with it, it was probably time for Kyle to explore other avenues. He helped us win a WS so it is all good.
    • I will be wearing the blue TY Hilton jersey that I have.  I have 88, 18, 12, 13, 87 jerseys. I need 56, 53, 98, and 99.
    • That sucks I really liked Len, enjoyed his play by play for years. 
    • Do you think Bill Belichick has cornered the market on ideas?   Do you think he does not make mistakes?   BB made Dont’a Hightower one of the NFL ‘s highest paid players.  So, poof,  there goes your Leonard argument.  When players perform at a premium level you pay them what they’re worth.   Period.   You’re badly over-thinking this.   There is no perfect formula to a championship.   You think Ballard is not aware that when he pays a guard premium money that means he’ll be paying other positions less than premium.   He 100 percent knows that.     It’s always, Always, ALWAYS better to have too much talent than not enough.  Dallas has paid a fortune into its OL for years.   Smith, Martin, used to have Frederick at Center.  Used to have a good guard who left in FA, and then Collins who is now getting paid.   3 of their 5 getting top money and it used to be 4 before Frederick had to retire early.   They had a top 3 OL for years.   They figured out the rest of the roster.     They’re paying big money while a good number of younger players are on their cheaper rookie contracts.   That’s life for GM’s in the NFL.  Too much talent is always a good thing.    You never take a lesser player who plays a premium position over a much better player at a so-called non-premium position.   Never.   Do you think it’s a coincidence that the play of the Colts OL dramatically improved when Nelson joined the team?   Come on....   Sorry, but your logic is twisted beyond all recognition.     
    • Dang, four playoff spots up got grabs between six teams.  
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