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Scouting Profile: Paul Dawson, Off-Ball LB, TCU

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vs Oklahoma, vs Baylor, vs Ole Miss


The Good: 


Long arms. Compact frame. 


Above-average athleticism. Fast and explosive. Flexible. 


Very good agility. Stop-start ability near the top of his class.


Aggressive when he sees an opportunity. For better or worse, he attacks an opening when he sees it.


Maneuvers around blockers well. 


Does well as a tackler and takes good angles to the ball. 


High motor.


Knows how to use leverage to beat blockers. 


Fluid hips in coverage. Possess turn and run ability even if he didn't get the opportunities too in college. Great instincts and does a good job of following the QBs eyes.

  ex. http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=253947&gif=EnchantingTiredIggypops


The Bad: 


Doesn't possess much functional strength.


Plays in a simple scheme. Drop into a short zone and attack the ball when you see it. 


Sometimes he tries to run around blockers and leaves large running lanes. 


Alleged maturity issues. Apparently he was meet for meetings a bunch of times. 


Gets washed out by lineman when he can't dance around them. 


On the smaller side. Probably around 5'11 230 lbs. 


Where he wins and Conclusion: 


Dawson is very similar to Eric Kendricks IMO (even though I like Kendricks better). He fits best as an OLB in a team that employs a lot of Cover-2 looks (Tamp Bay) where he can react to the ball and attack it. IMO, he won't do well in a 3-4 defense where he'll be asked to take on blockers in a hole. He could potentially play nickel-LB on 3rd downs though.


Projected Round: 2nd

NFL Comparison: Lavonte David, Tamp Bay

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