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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • I always loved Buckner and have been in favor of getting him since day 1. My issue is the offense. The QB issue, Mack being gone, will Pittman and Campbell be good? How will we replace Costanzo? We have a lot question marks right now, and although they should be answered by the end of the season, it all depends on the QB. We need to have an actual plan after Rivers this year instead of the 1 year band-aids. I don't blame Ballard for Lucks retirement, however, he needs to come up with something to try and fix the situation long-term. If Eason is that, ok, just don't let him rot on the bench like Kelly. I understand sitting him this year, just don't sign a veteran FA and have him sit a 2nd year in a row. That would be criminal. Start Eason, trade for a QB, draft one, I don't care. Just have a long-term plan for the future. That is our biggest weakness right now, and what will ultimately decide if we are playoff contenders for the next few years.
    • Don't rule out bringing Rivers back next year either. The options at QB in 21' are limitless as you can tell with the 50 gazillion threads.    I think the key is to continue to build the trenches.    There's a reason the DBs are on pace to shatter the INT for last year and its because Buckner!    
    • lol next you'll be wanting this guy 
    • I don't get why you are judging me. More hostility in this statement than anything I posted   To each their own I guess
    • The Colts are 4-2 against a cupcake schedule though, and have an extremely hard 2nd half schedule after the Lions game. I think everyone expected them to be at least 4-2 through the 6 games we had. Going after Rivers was a one-year win-now move. Ballard knew he was getting Buckner for the 13th overall pick, so Rivers was a one-year replacement, and Eason was probably one of several QBs that we'd keep on the roster for the future that we were interested in in the draft.    Let me ask you this. Rivers and Brissett are probably gone after this year. We'll have Eason, and probably draft a QB and sign one in FA. I don't know if we'll draft a QB early and start him year 1, or draft another QB in the mid-rounds and start a FA. However, unless we sign someone like Dak next year, do you see us competing with our QB situation? We'll either start a 1st or 2nd round rookie, Jacob Eason who may not get any playing time in his rookie year, or a FA that would just continue the process for a 3rd year in a row not getting our young QBs any playing time.   I want to go for it this year. Getting in the playoffs gives you a chance, but we need more than what we have right now most likely. Without Rivers, it sets us back another year because of reasons I mentioned above. We may have a "good team", and Ballard may "draft well", but without a franchise QB, we can't beat the Chiefs and Ravens. We'll probably struggle Vs the Titans, Steelers, and Bills. Remember, we lost to the Browns and barely beat the Bengals.   If we get a pick from 15-20, then it's going to be hard to trade up for a QB as well. That means we probably aren't getting Lawrence, Fields, and Lance. If we don't go for it with Rivers this year, we'll probably miss the playoffs next year until our QB gets better, and by then, we'll have to re-sign the 2018 draft class and be cash-strapped. We are in really bad shape unless we get a QB to produce IMMEDIATELY next year.
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