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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • When drafted, I thought that he would be mainly a LDE.  Not particularly bendy or quick enough to be the main pass rusher, but would be good on the edge against the run and could get his share of QB pressures.  Not really a sack guy, but would get sacks when the back coverage was good.   When I heard that Ballard drafted Lewis as mainly a 3T, I thought it was a bad pick, especially since he traded up for him.   Now if he's going to be good at playing the role Sheard used to play, but mainly at LDE, which I think is appropriate and is probably his ceiling, then the investment in a late 2nd round pick would seem to be worth it.   Nice to see that he's having success at the position a lot of us thought was his natural position from the beginning.
    • I had him listed as my surprise breakout as well, we have some nice DE pieces with Houston,Autry,AQM,Lewis and Turay coming back, starting to worry if Bangou needs to be shifted back to LB like he played often in college maybe take some of Franklin's snaps ? 
    • Tell was horrible last year....  even ballard said this in his press conference.   Ballard said when Kenny Moore went down the back up nickel spot dropped off by alot . I know they moved tell into the nickel spot last year for a couple games.   He can get better he is just raw,but to turn down a veteran playing well over a young guy who hasn't produced is something ballard probably wont do
    • Taylor explodes in open field and runs away from defenders, we have seen it in pass plays often so far but he also runs people over which many 4.38 guys dont so in that sense no he plays more rugged than most do
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