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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • The only locks for making the playoffs in North are Ravens and Steelers.   Mayfield has proven time and time again this year that he is very inconsistent.   Calling a WC team a lock for the playoffs in Week 8 is laughable.    There's still tons of football left. 
    • On a scale of bad, below average, average, above average, good, very good, great - I put Reich at worse above average. With Luck he was good - a very good/great QB makes a difference. He has a good track record as well with Philly. His record with us is 22-18 counting the playoffs = above average. IMO he is nothing like Chuck, Reich will go for it on 4th down at times even, he is much more bolder but he can't win with some of the fans. He goes for it and doesn't get it, some hate it, he settles for 3 some hate it. 
    • Coaching certainly helps as well so let's not excuse Belichick as if he's garbage.   He took a Bradyless team with Cassel and led them to 11-5.   Patriots biggest issue to me besides losing Brady was several starters opting out at the beginning of the year due to covid.   I don't their record would be much different especially since I think Cam best days are behind him.   He could just tank for Lawrence but Jets seem dead set on that notion right now.
    • Yep, it's a MONSTROUS game for the Colts' playoff hopes.     It'll likely come down to the Colts, CLE and LV with 2 of them getting the #6 and #7 seeds.     If CLE beats LV this weekend, barring some crazy occurrences (critical injuries, etc.), they're probably    a lock. They'll have the tiebreaker over both and with their schedule, they'll likely get to 10 wins   anyway.     The Colts need to head into week-13 at 7-4. To do that, they need to win 3 of the next 5. Do that    and beat HOU and JACK at home and you're at 9 wins. That may be enough, but sweep HOU and    you're at 10 wins and it's a given.         But lose @ DET and winning 3 of the next 5 gets VERY tough.  At 6-5 heading into wk-13, it's a     tougher climb to get to 9 wins and 10 is probably a long shot.        
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