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Indianapolis Colts
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    • This is hard one. There are so many great players in this class... I will also assume you don't want us to include positional value in this.    Chase Young Jeffrey Okudah Joe Burrow Isaiah Simmons   The fifth one is extremely hard for me. I can argue for like... 5-6 players here... Derrick Brown, Lamb, Jeudy, Andrew Thomas, Jedric Wills... hell... even Tristan Wirfs needs to be in this discussion, even though he will probably be RT, he will be a great one IMO. I think I will go with Jerry Jeudy here as my last one.     
    • Very tough leaving Jeudy off this list.... but here are my Top 5....   Chase Young  Joe Burrow Derrick Brown  Jeff Okudah Isaiah Simmons
    • Would be awesome if the Colts had an amazing pass offense next year and Ebron can sit there and regret quitting because we all know he did. 
    • Could be Aaron Rodgers... Let's try an "A"
    • I mean... we were 7-9. I get that we have high expectations, but sometimes you see teams have to be bottom feeders for several years before they can start sniffing sustained success (see: the 49ers). If we imagine that we'd lost Luck at the start of the Ballard era I imagine we'd be looking at our team in a much different light. We probably would not have reached the playoffs any of those years.    Ballard inherited a bad, aging roster from Grigson and I felt right away this would be a 3 year project minimum before we were competitive. Well it only took two years and going into that year 3 we looked so promising. Then BAM Luck retires.    Luck's impact on this team is enough that it certainly changes our team's outlook when he's gone. A 3 year rebuild turns into what? 5? And honestly? That's where I think we are. We were a few missed kicks, late interceptions away from the post season this year already. With the cap we have, and the draft stock we carry, as long as we can improve our QB situation, the rest of our roster is primed to continue to grow for a couple more years before we really have to start worrying about cap.    So with that said... please don't retire Anthony Constonso!  My heart may not be able to handle the setback.
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