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Indianapolis Colts
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    • Here's how I look at it. It's very rare for a team to win a SB with an average QB. Typically their QBRs are pretty high. I saw a graphic or tweet IIRC that only one team in the modern era has won the SB with a QBR under 50. And that was Manning in Denver. Talk about the perfect game manager (with declining skills) on a team with an elite defense. Their O was still decent/average (ranked 16th). Their D was #1.    JB's QBR now is like 47, and that's with one of the best OLs in the league. Our D (pts per game allowed) is like 16th. Even if our D gets back up to like 10, that's still not a SB winning combination. I also ask what is more likely, finding a QB that will be top 10ish (60 or higher QBR), or creating a #1 D to offset a sub 50 QBR. IMO, finding a 60ish QBR guy is probably the easier road.   I really love JB as a person. Awesome guy, hard worker, etc.. I'd love for him to improve and become that guy. I just see several very "fundamental" limitations to his game, that I'm not sure will improve all that much over the course of a season (or even two). My biggest fear is that we get stuck in a fog of mediocrity, trying to make things work for a few years. Purely my opinion, but if I don't see significant improvement by the last quarter of the season, I'm probably moving on. 
    • Did Campbell have injury issues at OSU?   Is it too early to say bye to Lewis lol
    • To the OP, to answer your question it is because he plays for Alabama. Most loved Fromm before last week  , he lost with a stacked team vs an unrated SC team. Fromm also ranks very low when throwing completions in the air down field 10 yards or more. Tua is no Andrew Luck, lets not fool ourselves.
    • This is right on point. If for some reason they can’t play we are going to have to go with a very vanilla and basic scheme. Won’t be able to confuse Watson either. Losing our two starting corners in this game would be bigger then not having our safeties against KC.  Especially with the Texans offense. They spread the ball around a lot. Having Desir out means Wilson plays on the outside which limits packages and looks. If Moore can’t go we have another rookie in Taylor in the slot. So Eberflus would keep it simple.
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