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U CALL THE SHOTS FOR THE COLTS   ( daddy left you the team )



circa 2011


If you could choose between the following scenarios  ...


Which would you honestly choose ?




1) Legitamately allow Polian to build a competitive team ( resist the urge to throw the season and aquire the #1 pick )

2) Treat the man who built Lucas Oil with the respect he deserves by honoring his contract and allowing him to finish his career as a Colt .

3) Win the franchises 2nd Indy SB in 2014 and currently be the reigning Champs .




B )


1) Suck for Luck / Kick #18 to the curb

2) Watch Denver build a team capable of beating NE ( due in part to Archie's eldest son's aura / FA appeal )

3) Ride out Luck's career with current regime and sometime b4 he retires win a SB .


 I can understand why most ( if not all  ) will choose B .


Personally -  If you replace the scenario with Pats and Brady ...I 'd choose A .

( Loyalty and a current " bird in the hand " trumping Lucks unquestionable "skys-the-limit" potential )

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No, see you missed the point as to why this is insulting, inflammatory, and sensational.


1) This is an old story. Three years old. Colts fans have (mostly) moved on, as hard as that was.

2) You make several false assumptions in your premise, and others that would be impossible to guarantee, as you've presented them.

3) You've already assumed that you know how people would answer, in which case, why even ask the question?


This isn't worthy of a thread in 2015, and I'm closing it.

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