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Trade our 1st round for the 14th pick in the 2nd and 3rd. We might still be able to get one of the top ilbs at 14th in the second and a top rb at the end of the second or 14th in the 3rd. Paul Dawson 14th in the second would be pretty sweet. Character concerns could push him that far. But probably not.

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    • Imagine the outcry if Ballard would have said - This team is all about 1 guy and that is Luck.   It doesn't matter what we put around him because it's all about luck.
    • Well, this is true of course. But it's also true that it still ultimately rests on his shoulds - fair or unfair. I think it's totally okay to give him a sort of pass for a year, or even a few years. But at some point...   Hope Eason is the guy, but I wasn't a huge fan pre-draft. We'll see how it goes, though. Still, we traded our first and I think it's fair to assume that's because Ballard didn't see any value in moving up or at least taking a QB in the first (or maybe he just saw more value in Buckner?). Burrow was probably out of reach but Herbert was within range and he's stolen the job in San Diego.   Dude's had to deal with a ton of curveballs as you said. Rivers was a fine stopgap, I suppose. But at the same time, gotta have a long-term solution and he might have missed an opportunity. Gonna have to "put a pin in it" for now.
    • and if anyone says otherwise I will snap my fingers and say deal with him,  The baddest bald headed man on the planet.
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