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Scouting Profile: Eric Kendricks, Off-Ball LB, UCLA

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Benardrick McKinney, Off-Ball LB, Mississippi State




Games watched: vs Virginia, vs USC, vs Texas


The Good:


Fantastic athleticism. He'll test well at the combine. 


Strong, technical tackler. Gets low and wraps up. Compensates for lack of size and strength with leverage and fundamentals. 


Fast and fluid in coverage. Mirrors receivers well. Closes in quickly. Can turn and run with wide receivers and tight ends down the field. Loose hips. Great instincts and ability to read the QBs eyes.

  ex. [Reads QBs eyes for an INT] http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=253601&gif=FavorableIllinformedInexpectatumpleco


Show the ability to take over games. He was a complete monster in the Virginia game. 


Awesome lateral agility. Can stop and start on a dime. 


Maneuvers through traffic. Does a good job at avoiding blocks. 


Guy has the "it" factor. I hate to use that term, but the guy just makes plays

  ex. [One-handed interception] http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=254854&gif=RewardingSpiffyAngelfish


Amazing play recognition ability. You can tell he's a guy who puts in a ton of work in the film room. 

  ex. [sniffs out a screen play] http://www.draftbreakdown.com/gif-embed/?clip=254854&gif=SelfreliantInconsequentialEasternnewt


The Bad: 


Very light for a linebacker. Only 230 lbs. Could get washed out by blockers at the next level. 


Doesn't beat blocks with power. Very good at avoiding them though. 


Pass rush ability is a question mark. He didn't get many opportunities and he got unblocked pressure on the ones he did.  


Where he wins and Conclusion: 


Kendricks is a smart, fundamental strong player with A+ athleticism that he uses to make up for his lack of prototypical size and strength. So far Kendricks is my #1 Off-Ball LB, and I really don't see that changing. He is the guy you want to have when you face players like Rob Gronkowski and Jimmy Graham. He'll make his mark as a coverage monster; but that's not to say he's one-dimensional. Kendricks knows how to maneuver through traffic with both speed and leverage and make sound tackles on ball-carriers. He'll fit well in any scheme, but I think his best fit is in Tampa Bay and Lovie Smith's Cover-2. If this guy is on the board at 29, I hope the Colts are running to the stage with a card with his name on it. 


Projected Round: 1st

NFL Comparison: Bobby Wagner, Seattle

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Athleticism and high character. That's rare. He is my number one want in this draft.


And Grigson loves guys with high character. Sure he'll take a chance on a red flag guy every now and then but he drafts guys with really high character. Hilton, Fleener, Allen, Moncrief, Ballard, Newsome,etc..

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And Grigson loves guys with high character. Sure he'll take a chance on a red flag guy every now and then but he drafts guys with really high character. Hilton, Fleener, Allen, Moncrief, Ballard, Newsome,etc..


I believe Newsome had some character red flags, as have a lot of guys Grigson has brought in. He has shown that he'll take an educated gamble on questionable characters if he believes they have talent.

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    • Fair enough.   Incredibly tired.   Horrible night's sleep last night.    Dragging around some baggage.    Sorry I took it out on you.  
    • Lets say we play Eason and we don't know much about him so I am not bashing the guy. What do you think our record would be? I said 7-9 which is probably pretty accurate unless he is just stunningly good. At this point Ballard isn't even sure if he would be a great backup.
    • Zib?    Bowen doesn't have "sources".    He says this is mostly his interpretation of the events.  He says he's connecting the dots.   What makes the most sense to him.    He never once said someone told me.    The closest things he said to sources is that he's heard "chatter".   I wouldn't call that sources.     I'm not knocking Bowen.    I think he makes a very strong case for connecting the dots based on the timing of events, plus what went down in the last few weeks and what we all thought might happen.      But if he had this as a "scoop" and had "sources,  there's no way he buries this in the middle of an hour long podcast and never teased that he had the inside scoop on what went down with Phillip Rivers and the Colts.   That would be journalistic malpractice.   
    • OK.....   Found it.   There's a section, roughly 11:30 minutes long.   It runs from approx 35:00 to approx 46:30.   Kevin almost downplays that he he has sources,  says he's heard talk,  but he makes a very strong and compelling case where he connects the dots.     And the dots seem to connect.   Dodds interviews for the Detroit job.   Somewhere in that talk,  the Lions likely share that Stafford wants to move on.  And the Lions will look to trade him.    That there's no way that Rivers would retire after talking up wanting to come back,  after recently moving his family to Indy, and his kids have been enrolled in exclusive schools in the area,  and then turn around and suddenly hang 'em up.    That Indy wanted to treat Rivers with respect and likely said to him that he can handle his retirement any way he wants,  and the colts will support that.    Kevin says Indy fans should feel good if this is true,  because to him it signals that Indy and Ballard have a plan.   He also turns around and says if the trade for Stafford doesn't work out,  then he hopes they can trade up and draft their QB of the future.   That things will get difficult for the Colts if the Stafford deal doesn't happen,  the Colts situation suddenly looks much more difficult.   Kevin clearly says this is his interpretation of the events.   I think he makes a strong argument.   But he does not cite sources.  He didn't get an inside tip.   But this is how he thinks the scenario played out.   Go listen to the passage.   See what you think.  
    • Cowboys have ~13m in cap space going into the 2021 offseason.  Most FAs are not worthy to resign it appears except for Jourdan Lewis and S Xavier Woods.  If the Cowboys tag Dak they will be immediately in the red.  So where is this extra cap space coming from to resign or tag Dak?    Logical the Boys are at the point where they must decide to cut young starting LG Connor Wiliams save ~1.8m against the cap.  Seems also need to cut K Greg Zuerlein and add another 1.5m savings.  Randy Gregory would be an easy cut as well saving another 1.2m.  Now we are talking about ~18.3 in available cap space.  Can keep cutting players like TE Dalton Shultz boost cap by another 1.5m.  Punter Chris Jones would be another likely candidate imo to get cut and save another 1.4m and now were only at 21.2m in savings.  That’s the bulk of their team from where I can see them gaining capital back.  One other player is WR Michael Gallup that could save them 1.7m but can realistically see used as trade bait to gain extra draft picks.  Bottom line is I cannot see the Cowboys resigning or even attempting to franchise tag Prescott and have no choice but to draft a low cost young QB replacement in the draft with their first pick.  Don't be surprised to see Dallas move up on Day 1 and trade Gallup for the lost draft capital to help offset.   Welcome Dak to the Colts and let’s go digest the rest of offseason.  When the Rams signed QB Goff to an average of $33.5 million per year Prescott reportedly was seeking a new deal in the $34 million per year range.  I didn’t add salary incentives this year just base salary due to cap reductions this year but added $10 million bonus each next 3 years and increased pay scale from 35, 36, 38, 40 million next few years.   64.887m cap space 2021 * updated OTC as of 01/27   Retired Rivers AC   Cut Skia Moore – 850k   FA Signings QB Dak Prescott - 35m increasing 40m next 4 years LT Roderick Johnson 2m/yr.  PFF stated he played 245 OL snaps only allowing 3 penalties and 1 sacks last season.  Would be a solid acquisition even coming from the Texans. RDE Dawuane Smoot 5m/4yr.  A little faster than Muhammad should be good in-house competition LCB Ahkello Witherspoon 3m/3yrs – Real deal CB imo get this guy signed ASAP even if means deselecting another   Colts FA’s lost Autry Hooker Clark – wanted to retire Walker JR Mack Wilson STP Houston Green Brissett Hilton   Unrestricted Free Agents: Carrie STP 1 / 1.5m – solid back  Hunt 2 /950k   Burton 1 / 3m – played 33% of snaps Stallworth - 1 / 750 k * updated colts already extended Dulin 2 / 1m STP *update Colts already extended Rhodes –played 87% snaps on a 1.5m contract resign 3m/year deal Muhammad (starter) – 4 / 3m first year Odum resign less than RFA 1m   Restricted Free Agents:  MAC UDFA – 2nd Round Tender 3.422m Pascal RFA 2nd Round tender 3.422m Smith ERFA 1 / 850 k STP   OTC says 74 players under contract and OTC Cap Room projected 9.322m for 2021   Draft Needs: LT, WR, LDE, SS, RB   Draft:   R1 LT Christian Darrisaw (Virginia Tech) – Long shot but my dream selection here and pending Combine could see him move higher in RD 1   R2 WR Nico Collins (Michigan) - 2019 led Big 10 receivers 0.0% drop rate and 81.3% contested catch rate and had the highest broken-tackle rate   R3 Edge/LB Charles Snowden (Virginia) - Snowden stands 6-foot-7. SAM linebacker blitzing / played both ends or more of a 3-4 OLB.  Great football awareness very solid in run support.  2018 breakout star along with Rock Ya.  With his size and speed like to switch him to 4-3 Edge.   R4 ILB Garret Wallow (TCU) Extremely athletic with impressive sideline-to-sideline speed and can lineup in the box, cover the slot and has a good grasp of where he should be in zone defense.   R5 SS Divine Deablo (Virginia Tech) - has elite size and excellent speed.  Very strong player/good tackler.  Bit tight in his hips limit his range but we need a decent backup and he should do fine.   R6 RB Devin Wynn (Furman) – Decent ground game.  Rarely used in pass plays.   R7 WR Emeka Emezie (NC St) - Z position size and speed to separate.  Willing blocker in Run game.  Impressive hands in contested engagements.  Impressive layout diving catch vs Virginia 6:13 3Q.  Originally struggled with dropped passes but cleaned that up this year.   UDFA MLB Blake Gallagher (Northwestern) – Bit on the small side 6’0” but one heck of a tackler in the open field.  All-Big 10 honors in 2018 after a campaign that saw him tally 127 stops (7.5 for a loss) and an interception.  Wisconsin game had a good QB strip for turnover.  Good chase angles and hustle down field.  Tip ball caused team INT.  Impressing blitz sack.  Looks good in both run, blitz and coverage support.   Overall a solid group to build upon.  For 2022 can see our focus on TEs, RCB and potentially LDE if we move Snowden to SLB.  Shall see how well Wallow does his rookie season before adjusting.  We got a young QB for long-term.   The Colts should be playoff contenders for many years.   3WR 1TE   QB Dak Prescott Jacob Eason   RB Jonathan Taylor Nyheim Hines Jordan Wilkins Devin Wynn   WR Nico Collins Emeka Emezie Ashton Dulin Gary Jennins   WR Michael Pittman Jr. Dezmon Patmon Quartney Davis   WR Zach Pascal Parris Campbell DeMichael Harris   TE Jack Doyle Trey Burton Mo Alie-Cox Noah Togiai   LT Christian Darrisaw Roderick Johnson   LG Quenton Nelson Joey Hunt   C Ryan Kelly Danny Pinter   RG Mark Glowinski Jake Eldrenkamp   RT Branden Smith Will Holden   Base 4-3 D   LDE Charles Snowden Ben Banogu Kemoko Turay   LDT DeForest Buckner Tyquan Lewis   RDT Grover Stewart Taylor Stallworth   RDE Al-Quadin Muhammad Dawuane Smoot Kemoko Turay   WLB Darius Leonard Matthew Adams   MLB Garret Wallow Zaire Franklin Jordan Glasgow   SLB Bobby Okereke E.J. Speed   LCB Ahkello Witherspoon Rock Ya-Sin Kenny Moore II Isaiah Rodgers   SS Khari Willis Divine Deablo   FS Julian Blackmon George Odum Ibraheim Campbell   RCB Xavier Rhodes T.J. Carrie Marvell Tell III Tremon Smith  
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