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Scouting Profile: The WRs - Hub Post

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Here is the RB Hub Post: http://forums.colts.com/topic/35336-scouting-profile-the-rbs-hub-post/


Ordered by personal ranking: 


1. Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Missouri/Oklahoma

2. Tyler Lockett, WR, Kansas State 

3. Devin Smith, WR, Ohio State

4. Jaelen Strong, WR, ASU

5. Sammie Coates, WR, Auburn

6. Devin Funchess, WR, Michigan

7. Nelson Agholor, WR, USC

8. Rashad Greene, WR, FSU 


I've decided on doing OTB Linebacker next. In this order:


Denzell Perryman, Benardrick McKinney, Eric Kendricks, Paul Dawson, and Shaq Thompson. 

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    • Completely agree with this. However, most of the "I told you soers" are from people who generally have a contrarian opinion, get ganged up on, feel defensive, and if they are proven right later, they want to tell everyone because he/she got ganged up because it wasn't the "popular or majority opinion." This is true for positive and negative opinions and it's really tiresome. People need to understand that this is an opinion forum (and a lot of predicting), not the Indianapolis Star or whatever where you are writing factual articles all the time.
    • Somebody call Bobby Bonilla to help the man with craziest contract in sports
    • It doesn't make a difference either way.     I hate when people boast they're right(positive or negative). I respect people who admit their wrong(positive or negative).     What I quoted talking about it was a stance that Nelson wont be 1st or 2nd team All Pro, and would be lucky to be 4th team if there was such a thing.   Bottom line is there are to many people that are "I told you soers". Positive or negative.
    • Yeah I agree.     Also though, like I said in a post above. A lot more plays into it.   Most of those teams have their QBs locked up in that cap space already. Some teams have some guys they can release and get more cap room. Colts only have Doyle and Glow, we could restructure Kelly to get an extra $9m but only if we feel good about his health as of now he has no guarantees money after next year.
    • Not defending anyone. This is just a double standard IMO. If a negative person is wrong about a negative opinion, then people want him to admit when he/she's wrong. However, if a positive person is wrong about being positive (even in a situation like this where they say we'll win just to be positive even if they are faking it), then they never have to admit they're wrong because it's "better to be positive and wrong than negative and right" since that's what good fans do. Just a double standard on here that's food for thought.
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