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Super Bowl game thread

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won 3 superbowls while spying on the opposition and now won one with deflating the balls, cheating prospers


Cheers for the company guys its 3 in the morning over here so Im going to bed to avoid the brady/bellichik love in ( with no mention of all their cheating of course)


Cheers for the company guys

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Seattle blew that game, and just further proof that they had no business being there.



Packers would have gave New England a much better SB than that. Say what you want but the Patriots out played them that entire game, counting the turnovers Brady committed.


Seattle's offensive woes really came up in that game like it did a few weeks ago vs Green Bay.

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I wanna know the reason behind that playcall!!! Absolutely stupid!!! Seattle just let NE win that.No doubt Lynch punches that in.


They handed off to Lynch a play before that happened and he got stopped.


No guarantee that he punches that in. 

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