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Since there is so much complaining going on I am going to list the complete list of Colt playoff losses over the past 42 years. Starting in 1975. Rooney, Rooney, Davis, Modell, Rooney, Rooney, Adams, Huzinga(even though the great Shula still had his nose in the Dolphins), Johnson, Kraft, Kraft, Rooney, Spanos, Spanos, Benson, Johnson, Bescetti, Kraft, Kraft. So you see people, there are alot of losses there to those "ELITE" teams. The Colts have never been an "ELITE" team and after 42 years they never will be. It's just something us Colt fans will have to get use to. By the way do you guys realize how often you would win your bets if you bet against the Colts everytime they play an "ELITE" team?

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