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Indianapolis Colts
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    • I attended 1 RCA Dome game and it was the final season and it was the undefeated showdown vs the Patriots. Yeah, Colts blew a 20-10 4th q lead (bunch of injuries) but the game was awesome. I only remember Welker cussing at a Colt defender as he caught a pass with 2 min left to secure the victory kneel downs. I heard him from the other side of the stadium and he yelled "you F***ing suck" to Hayden or someone else. I thought to myself... man I hope that little midget never wins a Super Bowl.    I think back now and laugh because without that loss, the Pats would've never had their 18-1 season losing the Super Bowl as 18-0 monsters to Eli and the wildcard Giants. I then laugh because Welker lost 2 Super Bowls on the Patriots then lost in the SB on the Broncos team w/Peyton.   I still wonder to this day if I cursed him? Remember his huge drop in the 2011 Super Bowl that was played in Lucas Oil Stadium? Haha!   But back on topic. The loudest I've ever heard Lucas Oil Stadium was in the 2009 season during the now infamous "4th and 2" game. I remember the stadium both Colts and Pats fans being confused for a minute when everyone realized Bill was going to go for it on his own 28 yard line to try and run out the final 2 minutes. Then all Colts fans stood up in their seats (besides the losers who gave up and left early in the 4th Q when the Colts were behind 14-31) and screamed our lungs out for that 4th and 2 play!  Then the fans erupted with sheer joy when Bullitt made the stop and the refs signaled as such. Then of course Peyton drove the team and also took time off the clock and zipped a 2 yard pass to Wayne for the win with 13 seconds left.   Patriots fans who were talking crap all game while ahead left their seats quickly to avoid eating crow (like the losers they are).   Still my best single play memory at a Colts game tied with the Peyton to Clark TD to seal the trip to Super Bowl 44 a couple months later.    but 4th and 2 was def the loudest I've ever heard the stadium get! we wanted that win vs Bill Brady and Moss bad.       
    • Ugh. Not a fan of either. No better options on the wire?
    • If he gets enough carries versus Houston I think he'll run for around 80 to 100 again. I believe in him.
    • I've quietly known, but I do believe you are right.  That's why I posted it here because most people think he sucks.  Right after the Jaguars game I was watching the celebration and Reich called him out the crowd by name and talked him up in front of everybody. Reich said that he dominated and played just like he practiced the whole week.  He said "Big Grover" what did we say the word for the week is?  Grover replied "Indominable".  Reich said that's what happens when we play like we practice. 
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