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Indianapolis Colts
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    • You are the one forming a conclusion about Reich's performance.  So what is it, that he should have called more pass plays because we won last time by doing that and we lost this time when we called more run plays?   That's it?   About Williams, as I said, perhaps Williams can't do things in the passing game that Mack can, and can only run between the tackles well and not the edge.  I pointed out that we ran the same between the tackles run play about 8 times.  I assume Frank made those calls because that's about all the player who was available could do, at least at this point with the team...not to mention it was working.   If you want to use stats to form conclusions, fine by me.  But it would be less condescending and inflammatory if you would stop insinuating that others who don't use them much have inferior support for their conclusions.       
    • It's only funny because it's true.  
    • Look at this play. Only one receiver is looking back at the QB. JB was sacked on this play.    
    • Ballard has spent his entire time here rebuilding this team to where it is now very competitive and currently in a close division race.  Luck messed everything up but he traded for JB and gave him a new contract.  He might not be an all pro but he can win if he has a good supporting class.  I can see Ballard drafting a QB but trading up in the 1st rd to get one is something I can't envision.  Rookie QB's make rookie mistakes and rarely win out of the gate.  I think he thinks this team is very close right now and moving up to get a QB would be a risky maneuver that I don't see him making.  
    • You're arguing over the difference between a JAG 30 year old and a JAG 24 year old. It's inconsequential. Neither Inman nor Pascal make the offense better.     I agree, but which players?     My criticism isn't really about the amount of runs vs the amount of passes. It's about creating an opportunity for your offense to exploit the opposing defense.   And along those lines, if the conventional wisdom is you should establish the run to set up play action, then at what point was the run established last night? When was the Texans' defense primed for a play action fake? It makes me think that's not the strategy. They wanted to avoid throwing the ball as much as possible, is what I think.     Yeah, and maybe a big play or two from our offense would have resulted in a win.   And the bolded didn't hold true at the end of the game, did it? First and 10, run play, 2 yards. Next first and 10, run play, 2 yard. Next first and 10, run play, 0 yards. Situational play calling is way more important than yardage totals.
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