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Green Bay (+ 7 1/2) @ Seattle (1-18-15)

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    • They are still in first round interview mode. I'd expect that to continue assuming they want to interview guys still in the playoffs. Keep in mind the Texans had to get special approval to interview Bieniemy when they did, because they failed to interview him on the off week. They can't interview him again till they are done (unless they seek a waiver from the NFL again).   Purely my opinion, but I think it's simple to me.   If Watson stays, Bieniemy will be the HC. Anyone other than Bieniemy is a signal that Watson is gone. That assumes though that there are teams willing to mortgage their future...   
    • TO's stats absolutely warranted first ballot... but he had antics on the field (e.g., the Dallas Star incident, spitting in DeAngelo Hall's face) and was also a cry-baby who was often in conflict with the media and front offices of teams he played on, and thought by many to be a subpar teammate (at least for portions of his career).  He also did other things (e.g., the Desparate Housewives skit before MNF, OD on pain meds) which made him unpopular with the media, who are ultimately who vote players into the HOF.   Marvin also deserved to be a 1st ballot HOFer.  Although he got in before TO, I firmly believe Marv's alleged shooting incidents and the allegations of him punching a younger fan at a pro-bowl game were held against him in voting.  I know it's said that the HOF is for what players did on the field, and off field stuff shouldn't come into play -- but it's voted on by people (i.e., sports writers) and there surely is some sort of human element that goes into the vote casting process.     You're right... Reggie will get in, just a matter of when.  While I do think some of Marv's off-field issues hindered him, there were also guys like Andre Reed (who had been eligible for almost a decade) and Tim Brown who were waiting to get into the HOF... both deserving HOFers who got overlooked previous years as guys like Jerry Rice and Cris Carter got in.   While I think the main knock on Reggie will be that he was WR#2 to Marvin for a decent part of his career, and the fact he wasn't all-decade team and only a 1x First-team All Pro (and 2x 2nd team).  That said, he's one of the most prolific WRs in NFL history and has some of the best post-season stats of any WR in NFL history.  Megatron definitely was a physical freak who changed the game, but his career was not long enough to put him in the record books like Reggie (who is top 10 in just about every category and top 5 in several post-season categories).  The only other WR on the ballot is Torry Holt who is a 2x finalist -- Reggie has more all-pro appearances, 1 less probowl than Holt, though Reggie has more yards, TDs and receptions.  They both have 1 SB ring, with Reggie having greater post-season success with individual stats, and Holt was 2nd team 2000s all-decade which Reggie wasn't.  Holt was also 2nd fiddle to Isaac Bruce for a decent part of his career.   Not making any guarantees, but compared to the WR classes when Marv and TO were finalists (including guys like Reed and Tim Brown who had been on the wait-list for a while) as well as studs across the board (e.g., Jerome Bettis, Derrick Brooks, Michael Strahan, Aeneas Williams, Junior Seau, WIll Shields, Favre, Orlando Pace, etc..).... I think this class is pretty weak.  After Peyton and Woodson, as I mentioned earlier in this thread, I don't see any guy in this class who clearly deserves to be a HOFer more than Reggie does.      He has to retired first and if he keeps taking his Benjamin Button diet, that may not happen.
    • Personally I think the future QB is already on the roster in Eason. To be honest we don't have a clue on his abilities in the NFL. He has all the physical tools. In this offense he wouldn't have to be superman to be successful.  I am pretty sure Ballard will pull some surprises out of his little black book. He seems to do that every season so far. 
    • Or your bling "Love" of him has altered yours... 
    • Thanks for that. I know there is more, not a lot more but there have been blurbs through the season and comments/talk on sirius nfl 88 as well. There was one recently on roto but for the life of me I couldn't find it. I'm not sure if it was removed by roto or not. Don't know why they would but... anyway thanks again
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