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Green Bay (+ 7 1/2) @ Seattle (1-18-15)

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You wanna beat the Hawks, do that. Don't let Wilson run and he becomes average. 

He's a decent QB, but he really rides the coattail of that D and special teams. I wouldn't want to rely on him having to win games from the pocket.


Even so, the only young QB I'd put above him is Luck as the clear #1.

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I'm torn on this game, I'd much rather play Seattle in the superbowl, but on well.


I would rather play the Packers defense and the Seahawks offense lol. Interestingly enough, Colts have beaten both before under Luck. I think mobile QBs fair better vs. Seattle then statues like Manning/Brady anyway.


Sadly we have yet to beat NE........*gulp*

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