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Green Bay (+ 7 1/2) @ Seattle (1-18-15)

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FOX.... 3:05 EST.....50 degrees with a chance of (big surprise in Seattle) rain..over-under 47

Seattle QB Russell Wilson (257 of 407, 3,357 yards) has rushed 96 times for 539 yards..

Seattle allows 4.4 yards per play..No. 1 in the NFL

Richard Sherman has 8 interceptions (not counting one more last week)

Marshawyn Lynch (301 carries), 1,257 yards) gained 110 yards vs. Green Bay in September..

GB QB Aaron Rodgers (341 of 520, 4,381 yards, 38 TDs, 5 INTs) is the 2015 NFL MVP and the Packers average

31 points a game..No.1 in the NFL..Rodgers threw for 316 last week..

RB Eddie Lacy (246 rushesm 1,139 yards) caught 42 passes for 427 yards during the regular season.

WR Jordy Nelson caught 98 for 1,519 yards..WR Randalll Cobb caught 91 for 1,287..

Seattle is 8-1 at home..GB is 5-3 on the road....No NFC team has repeated as conference champ in 17 years.

The last team was the Packers (1996-97_

Seattle has not allowed more than 30 points in a game all year. GB has scored 30 or more 8 times..

The injury to Aaron Rodgers decides this game. His inability to move as normal limits what GB can do.

Unless the Packers are lying about his injury ( a possibility), he's no better than last week. The Packers defenders are not quick enough to stay with Wilson.

Seattle usually covers at home..(every game except Dallas and Oakland) and they win and cover here.

Rain would also favor Seattle....the spread will probably grow to 8 or 9..

I'd take Seattle and the over

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That is a huge spread for a title game but I would still bet Seattle. I think they win by 14 or more. With Rodgers unable to create with his feet, I just don't see how they keep that defense off-balance. I think both Wilson and Lynch have big games as well. Hawks roll 35-21. I would take the over.

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That is a huge spread for a title game but I would still bet Seattle. I think they win by 14 or more. With Rodgers unable to create with his feet, I just don't see how they keep that defense off-balance. I think both Wilson and Lynch have big games as well. Hawks roll 35-21. I would take the over.

I wish there was more drama here..

We've just seen this before, I think. Its very hard to play there. Your linemen cant get a quick start.

You cant run wide....

MJC is right...you eventually have to challenge Sherman.

I'd love to see a closer game..but GB isn't a really good defensive team and they cant make Wilson turn it over.

If Lynch fumbles a couple of times or there's some special team blunders..its close for a while....but, unless they're lying,

Rodgers cant run away from the rush...He may not finish the game

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would love to see the packers win this one, really disliking the seahawks more and more with all the stuff they spout. Would love them to get serious yards on Sherman


Think logically though the seahawks riding Lynch will get the win in a close game as Lacy will get shutdown and GB wont establish the run

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    • Rodgers is a top 10 QB of all-time and by the way he is 11-8 in the playoffs with a SB win. Only QB's off the top of my head that have been better are Brady, Montana, Unitas, Elway, and of course Peyton. Peyton was 14-13 in the playoffs, just above average but the difference is he has won 2 SB's which is huge.
    • Between Darnold and Eason somebody should be able to play football long term with our coaching staff and personnel.
    • Exactly how I feel. And Brady has been in some of the most exciting Super Bowls, which has made the hate die for me. 
    • Spygate's impact was before Spygate was revealed, IMO, that is why it goes back to those first 3 rings. Then articles about Doug Flutie, who was a backup Patriots QB hearing instructions from the sidelines well after the 15 second cutoff for QBs, were also released that created pause for a few folks. The fact that Charlie Weis and Brady, who was not nearly the QB he was now, then, being able to know what was coming from Blitzburgh D in 2001 and 2004. For Hines Ward to suggest the Patriots were calling their defensive plays before it happened, you can view it as sour grapes or believe there is some merit to it. As recently, the filming on the Bengals sidelines they were docked for which does not reflect well on the organization that was already caught for SpyGate. The hiring of a guy Ernie Adams, who had a photographic memory, hired by Belichick, to radio down signals based on their filming, there were articles about it too. He was not an OC or DC but had Belichick's ear. There was way too much smoke to not suspect fire. Whether you believe it or not, it is purely up to you.   We won't truly know because Goodell destroyed the tapes of the sideline filming when he was a fledgling commissioner and at that point, the integrity of the league was something he was trying to protect and later, over compensated with excessive punishment towards Patriots for Deflategate, IMO. So, unless Belichick or someone in their staff comes out and admits it, you will never see more proof of it. It has been hashed and re-hashed, so again, I don't wish to participate in too much back and forth on this front, people will believe what they want to believe.  I will leave it at that.   But as far as Brady is concerned, what he has done so far reduces that impact, IMO, to cement himself as the GOAT.  That is undeniable to me. First QB to come back from a 10 point deficit in 4th qtr. of SB, first QB come back from 25 points down in a SB, first guy to take a SB to OT and win it, first guy to take a team to a SB in their home team, enough said. The accolades are well deserved.
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