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Colts @ Broncos 2015 AFC Divisional Playoff Round Game Thread


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    • Yeah well when he was being ragged on he was dealing with injury.  But lets not that get in the way of pointing a finger and being negative.  There are examples all over fan forums where the uninformed think they can judge but yet be wrong.  PFF grading system does not take into account the reality of being a football player. 
    • Hall of Fame running back Gale Sayers died yesterday (9/23/20) of complications from dementia. He was 77. It seems that he suffered with dementia for many years.     Most of us never saw him play but those who saw him thought he was a dynamic runner. I read Brian Piccolo: A Short Season many years well before I had an appreciation for football. I enjoyed the book as well as the movie Brian's Song.   Anyone have memories of Gale Sayers?
    • Ehh, I don't really agree.    Herbert went at #6. He wasn't really in play for the Colts, who had #13. And if you do move up and he's not right for you, that's definitely worse than passing on a QB who winds up being pretty good. I don't think a GM should operate from the stance that their favorite QB in the draft is going to become Patrick Mahomes; on average, first round QBs underperform, not overperform. So not addressing QB isn't worse, IMO, not when we're talking about giving up significant assets to get the guy you want.   Love hasn't played yet. Preliminary reports aren't thrilling. We'll see how he turns out, but the Colts still had a reasonable chance to get him, and chose not to make a move. He didn't pass on Love to grab a DT.    And just to repeat myself, we don't know what Herbert and Love will wind up being. I like them both. I'm not heartbroken we didn't draft either of them. Time will tell whether I'm underselling this.   They chose to go with a veteran bridge QB, and see what happens. That has a chance to work for us for the next season or two, and then we'll see whether we have a guy that can take the reins.    Lastly, 3T is super important for our team. It's become critical for any good defense, and we've literally never had game breaker at that position. If Buckner works out for us, that move will be a winner.
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