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Colts @ Broncos 2015 AFC Divisional Playoff Round Game Thread


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • You honestly think Cam was asking for $1m at the beginning of Free Agency?    He was wanting $20-$30m. No one signed him early because they couldn't bring him for a physical to evaluate his recovery because of covid.   Metcalf over Campbell is fair enough, lets not act like Pittman vs Claypool comparison is anywhere near its conclusion. Barely even started yet.   And back to Metcalf vs Campbell, who knows how that turns out if teams are reversed.   Campbell could of balled out with Wilson and stayed healthy. Metcalf would of had Brissett throwing his way, so doubt these 2 would be looked at the same if teams were reversed.   He did have 1 of the top QBs in the league retire right before the 3rd season after a deep playoff run the 2nd season and who was injured 1st season on the job. Facts and background info aren't important? I think he has done a great job with the circumstances he has had to deal with.
    • Its hard to get exited about players these days. They get hurt pretty regularly. Fountain won't last long. 
    • I really wish there was a site that tracked personnel usage. I think some of the pay sites do, and several sites track offensive personnel groupings (just not defensive). And while a lot of sites measure cushion per WR, they don't track it on a team D level, which I think would be an awesome stat. At least I haven't seen it anywhere.   Hopefully  @AWalkerColts picks that question. Hint hint. lol
    • great. free.  That's my favorite price.
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