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Colts @ Broncos 2015 AFC Divisional Playoff Round Game Thread


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    • A perfect set up for him this week, closed roof, a lot of very makeable kicks with not a huge amount of pressure on him based on the score.   Obviously still has to make them all and I believe they were mostly dead centre and so should really help settle any rookie nerves.   He will have had a skip in his step on his way home to play with his lego last night.
    • My favourite stat of the day:        
    • Taylor is a key in sustained drives instead of three nd outs. He takes the pressure of passing off Rivers. It has been way too long for the Colts to go without a premier running back and if today is an example I think they have one.
    • He has not other choice BUT to.  He literally will be productive behind this line if he just puts his head down and run behind our line.  When he start hitting those cutbacks and breaking more tackles, he's going to be a problem.  If he already isn't one.
    • There were parts of this Minny game where i started getting that here we go again feeling because we kept letting them hang around. We should have gotten those 7s and put them to bed early. One example is the Mo Ali Cox interception right at the goal line. We cant do stuff like that. Thats got to be 7!  I just feel like if a team is showing you they cant defend what youre doing then you take full advantage and stomp them out with authority. Dont give them any hope at all!   In the case of Jacksonville they showed us that they couldnt stop our offense but we kept farting around with mishaps in the red area settling for 3s, turning the ball over and missed a field goal. That allowed them time to sort their problems out and feel like they could get back in it. Neither of those teams in my opinion is better than Indy.
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