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Duron Carters make Vikings his top choice...


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Wow, this has to be based on dad's Alma-Ata.  I'm shocked that it's Bridgewater over Luck. Unless Colts didn't want to give him money he wanted.


Just glance a few threads down on the home page.


Merge happening in 3...2...1...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • Ryan mainly because the Giants are toothless on offense and Goff would not need to air it out nearly as much to keep up while Ryan is going to fight to keep up production vs the Packers.   Gesicki because Seahawks and RW will score plenty, and Seahawks give up ton of production in the slot. The no name Cowboy "Cedric Wilson" poached CeeDee Lamb production in the slot and got 2 huge TDs. Edelman had a career game on SNF. If you play WR/TE in the middle, you are going to get some production vs Seahawks. So, I am playing Gesicki too. The floor is high enough in this matchup. The ceiling, like Cedric Wilson vs CeeDee Lamb, you may have someone get the 20 plus points vs 10 for Lamb but the floor is still high like I said.
    • His worst ever record in a season is 8-8 and again, that's with Mitch, a QB he found on the roster. At already 3-0, they can go 6-7 the rest of the way and still make the playoffs. Personally, I think 8-8 makes the playoffs in the NFC since they added the number of playoff spots. He still has yet to play the Panthers, Jaguars, Texans, Vikings(twice), and the Lions once more. Again, there would have to be some catastrophe for him to get fired. They would have to finish the season with less than 5 wins for that to happen. I don't see that happening. I think their team actually got slightly better with Foles. There's no way he's on the hot seat.    I only know so much about this team because my wife is a Bears fan. 
    • Please show me where it’s been proven to be false.. then would you like to see cases of people developing unexpected long term conditions as a result of COVID. Let alone the massive spikes in mortality as a secondary effect.   Remind me, do you work in health care? Have you lived this every day for over 6 months? Are you spending every day looking at the bleak wider impact?   No, you’re resorting to cheap reactions and deflections as ever.    There is more to life than football.
    • I stumbled across this break down. MAC is a work in progress but he makes the TE room (with Burton and Doyle), one of the more “well-rounded” ones, in the league.    Most plays are from the Vikings game    
    • Some coaches are wearing a large clear plastic sheild that attaches to the baseball caps. I would prefer that to a mask.
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