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Ray Lewis Knew It Well Or What?


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So your saying that Dungy wasn't an elite coach? Just wanted to clarify that.

I'm clearly saying that. He's a good coach, but he's not on the level of a Bill Walsh, Bill Belichick or other elite coaches. Nowhere near that level. He's a stratospheric level above Caldwell, but that isn't something to hang ones hat on.

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    • Yeah run Hines outside the backfield and let Taylor put in some work.
    • We have witnessed (or been a victim) of having a team where the QB has to carry the team.  IMO that is what the Ravens have become.  I am not sure Lamar is a good enough passer to be the carrier? 
    • i watched them play all 3 of their games they do not look like a 3-0 team they barely  beat the 0-3 giants , 0-3 falcons and 1-2 lions all games were really close they lions and falcons moved the ball well against the bears defense .   foles is super overrated had one good game in the superbowl and thats really it got beat out by minshew and tribusky .  They have terrible coaching and chuck pagano just blitzes every single play on defense just throw it to the running back . 
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    • Both may be true, but both have a lot of work to do. The dig on Patmon, is he doesn't play to his size. Even his coach spoke opening about it. He's only a few tiny ticks faster than Pittman, so it's really a push. And Pitman is more advance routed running as well. Fountain is not nearly as dynamic as PC, but Fountain can climb better than PC. I love all 4 WRs to be honest. PC's only issue is health. And that's been a huge issue.
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