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Baltimore (+7) @ New England (1-10-15)

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Yess!!  Thank God for Brady running that in....  man... if they had come away with only 3 points there after the Ravens shoved 2 TDs down their throats, it would have been a disaster... that gives them a huge breath of life and stops the bleeding..



The defense needs to snap out of it.. they're getting embarassed right now

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    • Agreed, completely. No question that the offense is better because of Rivers. And that's without the really effective run game we enjoyed last season.
    • Yep.  I believe Rivers takes blame for the first 2 losses, but not all the blame.  Elite teams find a way to win even with turnovers.  I think this team was set back a little with COVID & lack of pre-season.  But I believe with training camp and pre-season, this teams only loss this year would've been Ravens.  With the way they are playing now, I don't think they lose the Jags or Browns game.  But the defense and offense looked sloppy in those 2 games.  I think this team looks significantly better since the Bengals game.   As far as the Ravens game, Rivers threw an INT that shifted momentum, but there were still other glaring issues.  The run game was non-existent and even gave them 7 points on a fumble.  The offense just couldn't move the ball.  People are upset over this, but Ravens were a good team.  Even the undefeated Steelers had to force 4 turnovers just to beat them by 4.   From what I've seen from Jacoby, he's more of a game manager.  He won't throw that stupid INT into double coverage, but he's also not going to bring you back when you fall behind multiple scores.  I think we saw in last years Super Bowl, you can have the elite defense and run game(niners), but in the end you still need a QB who can bring you back and close a game out(KC).  
    • Sure, stick around. You are always welcome here  
    • Exactly, he is not getting beat badly, he is always in close vicinity!!! A split second decision is what a CB has to make constantly and as you learn, you make those decisions better. I still have high hopes for him.
    • Their best all around games were probably the Packers and Raiders.  They will need that effort and consistency to beat the Chiefs.
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